‘Tis The Halloween Season

posted by Momo Fali on October 11, 2007

This spoof is a trick AND a treat!


  • Joeprah

    Solsbury Hill Rules. Cool video. I was wondering where it was going. LOL.

  • Mama Zen

    That is absolutely hysterical!

  • Annette Lyon


    Okay, and I’m trying to find the grape-stomping video. I must be blind–can’t find it!

  • Momo Fali

    I accidentally deleted the grape stomper and I’m trying to get it back without it being the first post showing. Dang technology!

  • Bananas

    that’s brilliant. seriously.

  • Lyssa Ireland Thomas

    That’s the best thing I’ve seen in a while! Thanks!

  • Jennifer aka Binky Bitch

    Ha!!! That movies scares the pants off of me, so I was a bit apprehensive to watch this clip, thank goodness it was funny!

  • Avery Gray

    I’ve been watching that movie all wrong! I had no idea it was such a feel-good heart-tugger! ;o)

  • terancedubya

    I was having kind of a bad day today until I saw this movie clip. Thanks for giving me a chuckle.

  • kate harris

    oh, you just totally made my day!

  • Mom Chatter

    I love it! Put a smile on my face after a long, hard day… Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

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