My Daughter Won’t Be Eight Forever

posted by Momo Fali on October 21, 2007
I’m guessing the inside of her folder won’t always say
“I love school”…


  • Joeprah

    Sooo Awesome. I love stuff like that too. My seven year old writes the funniest stuff. Great one for the archives for sure.

  • Corey~living and loving

    Oh my….how sweet. I so wish we could just push pause….and keep them like this forever. sigh…
    thanks for the smile.

  • Lyssa Ireland Thomas

    Glad you have this documented, so when she hates it one day you can remind her that she did once love school!

  • terancedubya

    cherish this moment and use it as collateral when your daughter tells you in 12 years how she hates college. Bring up this picture and say “See? How can that be true? You LOVE school!”

  • Annette Lyon

    Reminds me of a class assignment I saw posted on a wall at our grade school–kids describing themselves. Most of the girls said things like, “I’m cute” and “I’m really smart.”

    And I almost cried–I had such a sinking feeling that such great self image wouldn’t make it more than a couple years into the future for those girls.

  • Making My Own Fun

    This brings joy to my heart! I want my kids to be well-adjusted and happy to be going to school when they reach that age. Sure beats hating it.

  • JaniceNW

    Oh I don’t know, I’m 45 and I still love school! I don’t moderate my comments unless something is obscene. OSU has had great teams and I’m big enough to admit that. My heart lies with UM because that was the college I mist wanted to attend, my parents moved me to So Cal 3 months into my junior year…….so no UM cuz out of state is pricey. I consider myself midwestern because I learned my ethics and values there. 😀

  • Bec

    aaawww that’s so cute!

  • Lizzi

    Why have I not been here before? Yeah, you need to frame that sucker … trust me … !


    All together now: Awwwwwwwwwwww.

  • Misty

    I love this!!! My daughter is 8 too and I told her, as she was sick friday and cried about missing school, that I knew those days were numbered. 🙁

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