Why I Won’t Win Mother Of The Year

posted by Momo Fali on November 11, 2007

My Mother-in-Law was here for a visit yesterday.

She was working on a crossword puzzle in the other room, when my daughter ran into the kitchen and asked me, “Mom, do you know an eight-letter word for ‘Driving up the wall’? I told Grandma you would know, because you always say we’re driving you up the wall.”


  • Jared

    Ha Ha! The answer is CHILDREN or it could be GRANDMAS, maybe MOMINLAW, or this week BUCKEYES…pick your posion. 🙂

    I didn’t see the Buckeye’s game, but saw the highlights afterwards. What’s up with all of the interceptions? Next week is Michigan right? My favorite game of the year… 😀

  • Momo Fali


    Children…maybe. But, not mominlaw or grandmas! My Mom-in-Law drove two hours to babysit my kids so I could go watch the Buckeyes lose (aka: The Suckeyes), then she drove two hours home last night. I got lucky when Mothers-in-Law were handed out!


  • Avery Gray


  • BusyDad

    Too funny! If we were only all as perceptive and honest as kids were… actually, no, I take that back. Let’s leave that to the kids. Cuteness can be forgiven.

  • MommySpeak

    Haha. When I ask my husband to look after the baby so I can take care of some task then he’s right at my feet. I always say get out of mommy’s hair! Maybe I should stop that as it might come back to bite me someday!

    Also TAG your IT. Meme for Meme. Check out my blog for instructions.

  • Amy Turn Sharp

    love that! I am just starting to watch what i say around my son as he is starting to repeat….agh!!!

  • ~JJ!


    Was it irritate?

  • Momo Fali

    It was ENRAGING.

  • Secret Agent Mama

    HAHAHHAHAHA Enraging!!!!

  • newnorth

    lol, gotta love kids 🙂

  • Rimarama

    This serves as a good reminder for me to stop talking smack about other people in front of my kids. You never know when it will come back to haunt.

  • Misty

    LOL!!!! hilarious…

  • Serina Hope

    All mom’s should be an expert on this subject.

  • Bec


    So what is an 8 letter word for “Driving up the wall”?

  • Corey~living and loving


    could it be “annoying”???? tee hee..fun post!

  • Becky

    LOL that was cute!

  • Candace

    ha! great!
    my mil comes friday for 12 days.
    I just got anxious again.

  • terancedubya

    hee hee… your kids are silly. Silly and awesome.

  • Jackal


  • Deb

    My mom is in town right now, and I’m glad my kid can’t talk and repeat the things we’ve said.

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