My True Love Better Find Out About A Return Policy

posted by Momo Fali on December 20, 2007

I just heard The Twelve Days of Christmas on the radio. I’m pretty sure that most people would want gift receipts on everything but the five gold rings. There isn’t any doubt that a bunch of people leaping, dancing, drumming, piping, and milking would drive me more crazy than I already am…and I can’t get much crazier.

And, who in their right mind wants 23 birds?


  • Misty


    Not me…
    But I suspect that the person whose perspective inspired the song was an avid bird lover and so it was the perfect choice. Just as my true love knows that, if it were my song, I would need:
    12 bottles of my favorite wine
    11 Godiva truffles
    10 passes to my favorite Indie theater
    9 new pairs of perfect shoes
    8 gift certificates for massage and facials
    7 glossy, yummy lip balms
    6 designer handbags
    5 romantic weekends away in the new year
    4 hundred dollars to purchase books
    3 new dramatic lenses for my camera
    2 exotic trips to other countries
    and something beautiful and expensive from Tiffany’s. 🙂

    not that I am high maintenance or anything…

  • Corey~living and loving

    lol great post! I really hadn’t thought of how many birds that was. wow that is alot! eeeekkk

  • momto4kidsny

    I hear you loud and clear! I love misty’s list and second her!!
    I so don’t want 23 birds to deal with!!!

  • BD @

    How about I trade you my 5 golden rings for your 10 maids-a-milking? Never thought about how many dang birds this chick ends up getting.

  • Bec (

    I’m afraid of birds so I certainly wouldn’t want 23 of them.

  • Amy Turn Sharp

    yr so freaking cute
    we have to hang out sometime!
    dude-geographical fate

  • meleah rebeccah

    yeah, what IS it with all the BIRDS in that song?

  • Stephen

    Yikes! You’re right. I wouldn’t want all that stuff. Except for the rings, maybe I could hock those off.

  • Jen E

    Last year, my chorale sang a song about the 12 gifts of Christmas….we sent back all but the 5 golden rings too. 🙂

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