Beating The Odds

posted by Momo Fali on May 9, 2008

Tomorrow is my son’s sixth birthday. When he was born, we didn’t know if he would live, so his birthday is a true celebration.

The boy who came into this world seven weeks early, is now the master procrastinator. He will wait until the last minute to eat, get dressed, and my personal favorite…pee.

The boy who was barraged with needles and tubes, and who hated to be touched or held because he feared it would be painful, now greets his friends with hugs each day.

The boy who we never thought would talk, now sings and reads bedtime stories to us.

The boy who didn’t walk until he was almost two, now runs, climbs, plays, and gives me heart palpitations when he jumps off the furniture.

The boy who never wanted to eat, who gagged, choked and often vomited on his food, is now an unstoppable eater. We call his stomach the bottomless pit.

The boy with the defective heart, now has more energy than his parents.

The boy who frustrated me, now makes me laugh. The boy who failed in everything he tried to do, now can do anything. The boy who was weak, has taught me what real strength really is.

Happy Birthday Boo. We are blessed that you were born.


  • Xbox4NappyRash

    I can’t be a smart arse here now, not today.

    Well done young man, & happy birthday.

  • Katy

    That’s powerful!

    What an inspiration to remind that life can not be judged by the moment. When we persevere, great things come out of adversity.

    Wishing Boo more of God’s blessings!

  • chefmom

    That is boy who will continue on to manhood and do great things. He has overcome so much, that I forsee him doing the same thing for the rest of his life. Happy Birthday Buddy! I Hope It’s a GREAT ONE!!! I wish we lived closer so I could make you a really cool cake.
    Happy MOther’s Day Momo!!!

  • jenny from mommin' it up!

    beautiful beautiful. that’s all i got.

  • amy t sharp

    love yr love pouring out here xoxoxo
    Happy Day lil man

  • Mr Lady

    See? This is what I was talking about. I CAN LEAVE A DIFFERENT COMMENT!

    Boo, Auntie Mr Lady also has a crappy ticker, and that means we’re BFF’s. Happy birthday, brother. I am SERIOUSLY glad you were born.

  • the MomBabe

    ♫ Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Boy, Happy Birthday to you! ♫

  • MommyTime

    So much to celebrate! How wonderful. Happy Birthday, young one!

  • Stella

    Happy Birthday sweet boy! Have a wonderful day!! What a great story!!

  • A Buns Life

    Kids are just amazing….the things that they triumph over really does make them stronger, while making us nervous wrecks along the way.

    Happy Birthday!

  • Jo Beaufoix

    Happy Birthday Boo. Hope you have a fabulous day. 😀

  • Corey~living and loving

    Hope your day is awesome. What a celebration of LIFE you are! 🙂

    and you have one really great mom at that!

  • HRH

    What a celebration! Happy Birthday miracle boy.

  • Birdie

    what a long way he’s come! Happy Birthday BOO!

  • Jolly Green Dad

    Absolutely beautiful blog. Congratulate your son on his birthday for me!

  • Tom

    It sounds as if he’s the one who is blessed.

  • Jamie E

    **speechless** I love it when they beat the odds.

  • Chuck

    You’ve had some incredible achievements little man. Happy Birthday!

  • Lisa

    What a fighter!!!
    Happy birthday little guy 🙂

  • nola

    Great story! Birthday wishes to your Boo!

  • Ed (zoesdad)

    Happy B-Day Wild Man!!

    I have said this a thousand times and I will continue to say it–the resiliency of children never ceases to amaze me. They are much stronger than we give them credit for.

    Here’s to many more years of keeping your mom on her toes!

  • Sadia

    Happy happy birthday. That was lovely.

    And how’s this for fun … our kiddos share both a birthday AND seven weeks’ prematurity. What do you want to bet we were due to deliver on the same date (albeit four years apart)?

  • Kiera

    Very cool!! Happy birthday to him.

  • transfattyacid

    And a very happy birthday to him from the tranny family in Merrie Olde Englandland.

    And may he have many more.

  • paul

    In a world where things are often not “happily ever after,” and there are sad stories wherever you look, it’s nice to see something to celebrate. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Dette

    He sounds like a strong one – always perservering…

    Happy Birthday, Boo!

  • An Ordinary Mom

    What a powerful and heartwarming post!

    Happy Birthday, Boo!

  • Rachel

    Awe- Happy Birthday precious one!
    Tears are pricking my eyes and it’s beautiful.
    Smooches and lots of happy felicitations.

  • OHmommy

    Happy Birthday Boo!

    Sounds like one awesome little boy. I love that he was early but now is late for things. LOVE it.

  • Maureen

    Wow! Incredible…. Happy Birthday Boo!!!!

  • Jeremy (Discovering Dad)

    You’re very blessed Momo. Congratulations, and Happy Birthday to the little man with a big heart!

  • Stacey @Real World Mom

    Absolutely beautiful and touching words. So much for you to celebrate! Happy Birthday to your Little Man! Please give him a hug from me!

  • Ashley

    Happy Birthday, kiddo! So much to celebrate!

  • Bec

    Happy birthday!! You’re post brings tears to my eyes.

  • LaskiGal

    How perfect and amazing!!! He is truly a blessing!

    Happy Birthday to you little man!

  • Bean

    What a great tribute to your sweet boy. Happy, happy birthday to him. It truly has been a joy – for me, too – to have watched him come SO far.

  • Jenn@breedemandweep

    What a wonderful post. What a wonderful kid.

  • Half-Past Kissin' Time

    We have a Boo at our house, too! (I wonder how we ended up at that name??) Happy Birthday, Wonderboy!

  • LiteralDan

    Tell your son some strangers said Happy Birthday! That’s a wonderful story– I’m glad he’s old enough to read it and feel as loved and appreciated as he obviously is.

  • dana wyzard

    Keep makin’ your mommy crazy. You earned the right!

  • Shamelessly Sassy

    Happy Birthday to him! I used to wait until last minute to pee also. Sometimes, I still do.

  • AlisonH

    Happy birthday!!!

    My little girl wasn’t supposed to make it either. She just turned 22, and she’s out Mother’s Day shopping with her daddy.

    That gratitude for their lives never stops, it just gets deeper.

  • Angie

    Happy birthday to your little Miracle Man!!!

  • Dapoppins


  • BusyDad

    You have one AMAZING kid! Happy birthday, funny guy!

  • The Laundress~JJ!


    Happy Birthday to one strong little man….

    And Happy Mother’s Day to you.

  • secret agent mama

    Happy Birthday Strong Boy of Momo! You are awesome!

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mo!

  • Geeks In Rome

    Sounds like he left his cocoon and became a beautiful butterfly! He obviously flourished with such loving people in his life. Happy B-day, boy! Can’t wait to hear how amazing you’ll be at 18!

  • derekandmandy

    Aw, so sweet. This will be neat for him to look back on.
    Hope your weekend was beautiful and full of celebration. 🙂

  • meleah rebeccah

    NO WAY!

    I am off-line for a few days and I missed a Major Event like this?

    DAMN IT.

    Oh Happy Birthday to the funniest, sweetest, bestest boy that ever lived.

    (Hang on to these moments and these years for as long as you can…they really do grow up way too fast)

  • meleah rebeccah

    I just read this again…and now I am crying.

    Such a beautifully written post.

    What a wonderful MOMMY you are.

    That boy IS a miracle.

  • Jaina

    Happy, happy birthday!!! Congratulations to you all. This post really made me smile, and choked me up a little too. I am so happy for you. 🙂

  • Kimmylyn

    I am sorry I am so late with this birthday wish.. but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to your little man.. This post made me get all teary eyed!!

  • Kori

    My middle son was also 7 weeks early, I also almost lost him more than once, and I am SO willing to deal with his chronic asthma rather than the myriad other things that could have gone wrong. Happy B-day!

  • Selma

    That is wonderful. Happy Birthday little one.

  • Jared

    I’m a little late, but Happy Birthday!

  • Jen E

    Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to an Awesome Boy!!!! Way to Grow!!!

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