I Wish Her Energy Was Contagious

posted by Momo Fali on June 1, 2008

Our family took a road trip today and enjoyed a five mile hike through Ohio’s beautiful Hocking Hills.

Well, it wasn’t so much a hike as it was a lot of ups, downs, stepping over logs, tree roots and around massive rocks. We even had a run-in with a rabid raccoon.

There was a lot of climbing.

And, there was climbing…

Did I mention there was climbing?

Our five mile hike took us four hours.

When we got home I made an attempt to be funny and asked, “So, does anybody want to go for a walk?”

And, my nine year old daughter made me wish they could sell her pep-in-a-bottle, when she said, “I do!!”


  • Birdie

    Did you bite that racoon??
    I want some o’ what our kids have too. What an ambitious thing you guys did – wow. I’m completely impressed. Love the pics too!

  • AlisonH

    Wow! And boy do your gorgeous pictures bring back memories, although of a trip to I think it was called Watkins Glen in upper NY state, when I was about 11.

  • nola

    So beautiful. What part of Ohio is this in?

  • Maureen

    Wow, great photos. I shall sit here and enjoy the fruits of your labour … err, walk. Without the bruises, cramps, blisters…

    Looks beautiful (sans the rabid animals, of course).

  • Mrs. Schmitty

    Kids are amazing balls of energy. I wish I just had enough to keep up with mine!

    Beautiful photos…I bet it was a gorgeous hike!

  • Melisa

    Gotta love the 9-year-olds!

    That place is GORGEOUS! Color me jealous! 🙂

  • NukeDad

    Were you on “Loogie Trail”? Great pictures. My knees hurt just looking at them.

  • heather.pnr

    Wow, that is pretty! I’m starting to think I should visit Ohio sometime.

  • Laski

    You weren’t too far from me (I’m east of HH)!

    People don’t know just how pretty Ohio is–especially in the foothills . . . I always thought is was flat farmland until I moved here. WRONG!

    Those pictures are gorgeous!

  • Corey~living and loving

    oh my yes….bottle that stuff.
    Kids…they are like the energizer bunny.

  • Amber

    So pretty! We spent some quality time in nature this weekend also- it’s so nice to get away!

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    thats an impressive speed…

  • Bing

    Love those pictures and its really impressive!!!
    Kids is always energetic and “on the go” moods, I am not surprise with that. Name it and they will take it as long as they have fun and adventure!



  • amy t sharp

    yay for Logan!!!!!

  • Rachel

    But did you do any walking while you were taking pictures? 🙂
    <3 you

  • Kori

    For one, living vicariously through other people has advantages…it is lovely there, though.

  • chefmom

    WOW!! That place looks beautiful! What a way to spend a day! LOL at your daughters comment. They have a never ending supply of energy!

  • Twenty Four At Heart

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Immoral Matriarch

    That’s gorgeous!

  • Heather

    We aren’t too far from Hocking Hills and I have been trying to get my husband to take me there for years. However, he is wise to the whole hiking thing, and hasn’t been easy to convince. =(

  • OHmommy

    I. Have. The. Same. Pictures. from last weekend.

    I was editing them last week for an upcoming post. The kids love exploring… it is an amazing place.

    BTW. Have I asked you if you are going to Blogher? I can’t remember and I think I saw your RSVP somewhere.

  • meleah rebeccah

    I just fainted from looking at these photos. Good Lord. As a smoker I wouldn’t have made it very far on that hike.

    Your daughter taking you up on the offer to go for a walk after all of that is pretty amusing

  • SherE1

    Five miles!! Holy smokes! The scenery looks awesome!

  • Lisa

    I always forget how really pretty Ohio is–the pictures are great!

  • Jared

    I love Hocking Hills! The wife and I (pre-kid) used to rent cabins down there for the weekend. Awesome time had by all!

    I think they call Hocking HIlls the Hot Tub capital of the mid-west…or something like that. 😀

    Glad you had a good time! If you figure out how to bottle that energy…send some my way… 😀

  • Kimmylyn

    The pics are awesome.. and I agree when you find a way to bottle it.. open the goods up to us bloggers.. I need a little pep!!

  • Ed (zoesdad)

    I may have been more exhausted from being in constant flex mode ready to leap to save a falling kid. Looks like a great trip.

  • Sogeshirtsguy

    Id buy that pep in a bottle. One case please.

  • Jaina

    Sounds tiring, but those pictures look so beautiful! And what a doll, she is too precious!

  • Half-Past Kissin' Time

    Too cool. I love hiking, and I had no idea Ohio had such beautiful hiking destinations. You are blessed. Bet your thighs are a little sore today, huh?

  • Piper of Love

    Momo! You’re the coolest Mom ever!

    Nice workout though, for sure. Great pictures!!

  • Ashley

    Wow. YOu need to send your kid here…maybe it’d force me to get off my butt…haha…okay…maybe not.

  • Chris

    I agree with so msny of the comments. I used to live in southern ohio near the foothills and this definitely looks potentially familiar and beautiful all the same…thanks for sharing!

  • Smart A$$ Mom

    Missing a trip to Hocking Hills while I lived in Columbus is the biggest regret. SO pretty.

  • Toni

    Ah, back to the old maxim–be careful what you joke about around kids. 🙂

    I used to teach dance lessons, and when we were getting ready for the recital, I said something along the lines of “then we go off the stage.” I turned around to find 13 tutu-clad 5-year-olds leaping off the front of the stage. It looked like a Swan Lake evacuation.

    Yes, that is what I actually told them to do. Children cannot “interpret”

  • Ms Picket To You

    I’m tired just thinking about it.

  • ShannanB

    How gorgeous. Our boys love to hike. I’ve not done 5 miles with them yet but close, we’ve done three.

    What a great day.

  • Natalie

    yeah…i think i am cool mom most of the time, but then i compare myself to one of my friends here. she has food fight birthday parties. she lets her kids use soap finger/foot paint all over her balcony then she just washes it off and has a clean balcony. she has also sponsored friend day where the kids had spaghetti eating contests and sported crazy hair. i am so not cool compared to her! she also struggles with guilt when she doesn’t think her kids have had enough fun or enough memories. i have no guilt issues! yea me!

  • Michele

    My Hannah is that way. She has gone nonstop since she was 7 months old. She can run laps, jump, have no nap and still party if you let her. Some people just have lots of energy and yes I wish I could bottle it and drink a little of it.

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