We Could Just Watch The Drunks On Our Wedding Video

posted by Momo Fali on August 22, 2008

Tomorrow is our 11th wedding anniversary. Despite our lousy vacation luck, we’re dropping the kids and the dog off with sitters, then we’re headed here.

Here is a forest, with a hillside lodge, lake, golf course, pool and many outdoor activities.

While determining our excursions, we certainly know we won’t be horseback riding. The first time we tried this, my husband’s horse firmly decided to NOT climb the hill back to the stables, so we instead traveled through thick brush that left us looking like Indiana Jones had used us for whipping practice.

The second time we rode horses (on our honeymoon), the guide took the two of us along a cliff in Hawaii…a cliff right next to a shooting range. I don’t know who was more spooked by the gunshots, me or the horses. Probably me.

Maybe I’ve watched too many westerns, but I was just waiting for my horse to rear up at the sound of a rifle, at which point I would go tumbling down the mountain. My husband would’ve heard a lot less nagging these last 11 years, that’s for sure.

We also won’t be climbing in a canoe. The last time the two of us went canoeing, we managed to tip ourselves, the entire contents of our very full cooler, wallets, phones, everything…in about two feet of water. Yes, you read that correctly…two feet. It barely covered our knees, and yet we were drenched from head to toe.

And golf? Well, I’m a hack at best, so that’s out.

Besides being with my husband, taking in the beautiful scenery and the poolside bar, I am most excited about the lodge’s treadmill. I’m pretty sure it won’t need to be uncluttered before I can use it.

I know I’m in the minority when I say I get excited about working out while on vacation. But, that’s just because of the aforementioned clutter, and because I often have to stop my treadmill in the middle of a run to get someone a snack, or fix a computer problem, or wipe a child’s butt. These kids? They’re so needy.

But, treadmill or not, I’m looking forward to some alone with my man. Leisurely strolls around the lake, good food, tasty wine, and of course…there will be me kicking his butt at Scrabble. Happy Anniversary, Honey! I’m totally going to triple-word-score on you.


  • Melisa

    Happy Anniversary! Looks like a high quality weekend! 🙂

    Have a great time, and we can’t wait to hear all the details! (well, not all of them)


    Yeah, I’m voting for avoiding horses at all costs.
    Otherwise, have a great Anniversary!

  • chefmom

    Happy Anniversary!! Have a fantastic weekend!!

  • Mike Marshall

    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby Momo. Peace, Mike.

  • Bean

    Hey! With everything going on lately, I totally forgot about your Anniversary!! Happy 11th anniversary to a GREAT couple – you truly were meant for each other. And you know I mean that only in a positive way! Not in a (insert former couple name here) way. Have a great time!!!!

  • the planet of janet

    happy anniversary! what a great plan…

  • georgie

    Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our 11th this past feb-the one thing we established when we wed was to always take an anniversary trip every yr-best decision we ever made!

    I hope you enjoy your time away!

  • meleah rebeccah

    Happy Anniversary! That looks beautiful!!


  • Xbox4NappyRash

    Bow Chikka Wow Wow…

  • Stacey @Real World Mom

    Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful (and safe!) trip! 🙂

  • Ed (zoesdad)

    Note to self–read the entire paragraph–otherwise…Triple Word Score on You…might seem a bit dirty!

    Happy Anniversary

  • Twenty Four At Heart

    What a beautiful spot! I’m jealous. Hope you have a great time!

  • Misty

    it sounds absolutely lovely… 🙂 Happy anniversary…

  • MamaMo

    Happy Anniversary!
    The best part about being alone together is… well… being alone… together. ENJOY!!

  • Jo Beaufoix

    Happy Anniversary gorgeous. Hope you have a wonderful time.

    It seems August was a good month for weddings as we have our 9th anniversary on the 28th August. Yay.

  • Tom

    Sounds like you ought to just stay in your room if you don’t want to get hurt.

  • Kori

    Have a most excellent time. And Happy Anniversary!

  • AlisonH

    Last time I tried to ride a horse, it turned around, stared me down, and then deliberately walked straight back to its barn no matter what I might think about the idea. We were done now, thankyouverymuch.

  • Mimi aka pz5wjj

    Oh Congratulations!

    Today is our 10th anniversary and on Sunday we’re off to Asheville for a week. My parents are here to look after the kids while we’re gone.

  • Ashley

    Seriously, something must be wrong with you. You exercise and like it? Who are you? lol

    Have fun!

  • transfattyacid

    I never trust horses – not since we went to the stables at Newmarket were my uncle was a trainer and one of them picked me up by the seat of my pants – I was only three.

    Hope you have a great time – you could always just stay in the cabin and find other ways to amuse yourselves:)

  • A Shade Of Scorpio

    Happy Anniversary and have a good time – hopefully hubby won’t drop the bomb on you that his butt wipe action arm is out of commission….

  • Bean

    Hey guys, have a wonderful time on your vacation. Chicka Chicka bow wow. Oh yeah….. David

  • Tara R.

    Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your time together.

  • Lisa@verybusymomwith4

    Happy Anniversary 🙂

  • Jenny from Mommin' it Up!

    I am very afraid of horses. play it safe! drunken scrabble!

  • Mrs. Schmitty

    Happy Anniversary!! Have a great time!

  • Colleen

    Awww…happy anniversary!

    Hope you have a GREAT time!

  • Meg

    Yes, wine and scramble sound great. No need to wear bug spray.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  • katy

    Congrats! Don’t fall off the treadmill!

  • Jamie E


    I miss horse back riding and canoeing actually….pregnancies and weight two of mine enemies to the former.

  • Chuck

    Happy anniversary Momo and Mr. Momo!

  • isla

    The treadmill and scrabble; you are truely a hopeless romantic!

    Happy Anniversary!!

  • Manager Mom

    Manager Dad won’t go canoing either, ever since he saw Deliverance.

    Happy anniversary. 11 years… that’s a big accomplishment!

  • Immoral Matriarch

    I’m late, but I hope you guys had a great Anniversary!

  • BabyShrink

    Have a great one! Sounds fabulous!

  • Lizzi

    Whatever you guys do, have a great time. Happy Anniversary!

  • Jaina

    Happy anniversary! I hope you have a great vacation!

  • Angie

    LOL! Scrabble?!? My hubby and I LOVE scrabble! that is our “thing” to do when the kids are all tucked into bed and we’re finally alone! LOL!

  • Kimmylyn

    Happy belated Anniversary.. I hope you had a great time..

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