I Bet She’ll Get Carded

posted by Momo Fali on September 19, 2008

Our Wii has a program that let’s you play a game to determine your “fitness age”. It will have you participate in a combination of sports, then tell you how old you are. I am usually somewhere around 78.

Last week, my daughter was playing as my six year old son was watching.

As soon as she finished and her brother saw her fitness age on the screen, he exclaimed, “You’re 21! Now you can drink beer!”


  • Melisa

    Now if she can just figure out a way to get the Wii to the liquor store, she’ll be all set!

  • Middle Aged Woman

    Funny how people on both sides of that age line strive toward it!

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    She should move to the Netherlands!

    She’d have 5 years beer drinking experience under her belt belt by then!

  • Jo Beaufoix

    Yep, or the UK where she’d have 3 years under her belt. 😀

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    Or Ireland, where it wouldn’t be legal but she’d be in Betty Ford by now…

  • Natalie

    we have a wii that i’ve neglected lately. i can’t remember what my fitness age was way back in the spring when i played it. i’m sure i’ve aged over the summer. i should break it out and see what i’ve got.

  • Rachel

    That’s too cute 🙂 I love the he automatically thinks Alcohol!

    How accurate is that age thing? Interesting….

  • Kat

    That is hilarious! It is amazing how that number is ingrained in even the youngest in our society.

  • A Buns Life

    Then, she will quickly be 78 as well!!

  • Kiera

    Wow, I really need to get a wii!!

  • Jaina

    LMAO. The first time I did the fitness age on my friend’s Wii, I was like, 60 or 70. I got it down much lower the next time. Now I want to play Wii down at the bf’s tonight. Maybe we can get in a few games in between finishing up his room.

  • Jenna Consolo

    Thanks for the warning to never play that game. Some things are better left unknown. I already feel bad enough about myself.

  • LiteralDan

    Either he or she is obviously counting down the days till he/she, too, can be disgusted by the taste and either give up or press on ahead till they don’t notice anymore.

  • Misty

    i am in my 70s too. On wii fit though, I am 44. Woo hoo!!! (Sad)

  • Lisa@verybusymomwith4

    Considering that post about limes, I see where the priorities are 😉
    But seriously, what Buckeye fan would not want to drink alcohol right now?!

  • Sogeshirtsguy

    uh oh they both know too much too soon lol.

  • Kori

    REason #457 to NOT buy a Wii; I don’t even want to know.

  • georgie

    That is HYSTERICAl…and I so want wii fit!

  • O My Blog!

    I don’t know if I want a Wii now, it will say I’m much older too and I just don’t need to hear that.

  • texasholly

    So funny. I finally got my age close to my own and refuse to re-test.

  • Undomestic Diva

    I had to quit my brand new Wii Fit because the second time I turned the fucker on, it told me I had missed my weight loss goals and perhaps I should “change my fitness goals to be more obtainable.”

    I take offense to that. It’s not that I can’t obtain my goals, BITCH – I’m just LAZY. Totally different.

  • Tara R.

    I’m measured in at about 56 on the Wii Fit, not so bad, just 10 years off the mark. If I could do the exercises AND drink beer, then I might be more motivated.

  • meleah rebeccah

    Im not only laughing at your son’s comment…but because I am usually 78 years old too!!

  • Birdie

    wow he’s pretty perceptive that one.

  • Bean

    Totally sounds like something Joey would say! Imagine that … OUR boys.

  • Rhea


  • BusyDad

    haha I wonder if Dave and Busters would accept a print screen of that as proof of age? If so, Fury’s coming over.

  • Lane Boyz Mom

    I’m always the oldest in my house, and it’s NOT because of my real age, my body is that of an aging old woman, LOL

    First round on him??? LOL

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