Let There Be Light, Eh?

posted by Momo Fali on September 22, 2008

These are four of the six Canadian men who were at my house this afternoon. Oh sorry, they were at my hoose.

They came for a visit because Hurricane Ike decided to go a little off course and do this to my Ohio backyard. Yes Canucks, those are maple leaves.

And, after one full week without electricity those wonderful fellows from the country up north made it possible for me to not have to pee in the dark anymore.

Thank you, Canada, for sending us your finest. I’ll never understand how you take the cold weather or how you can stand to eat moose meat…but, at the very least I promise to never cross the border and complain about your insane sales taxes again.


  • Walking With Scissors

    Glad you’ve got power back! Hopefully it doesn’t take too much work to get your backyard cleaned up. Yikes. Glad you’re okay!!

  • Birdie

    the yellow glow never looked so yummy, eh? Congrats Momo.

  • Redneck Mommy

    So glad you finally got your power back.

    And I hope that those Canucks represented my fine country properly. And were hot. Cuz hotness is important.


    Smooches, friend.

  • texasholly

    Wow. I will never look at a Canadian the same….I have no idea what that means.

    Glad you are getting back to normal.

  • Ashley

    Glad you have electricity. Finally :0

  • MommyTime

    So glad you have light! And, hello neighbor. I had no idea you were just a wee bit south of me (in MI). We got Ike’s rain but not the wind. Looks like we had it lucky.

  • the planet of janet

    glad you have light again. peeing in the dark can be so … uh … messy!

  • Natalie

    wow. nice…um…fence. hope things are getting back to normal.

  • Misty

    oh my goodness. Indeed that is the craziest thing. Before this, who’d of thought a hurricane could touch ohio.

  • Rachel

    Oh mah hell darlin’.
    Your poor backyard! Were they hot Canucks? Does it matter? They gave you back your power.

    Sorry the hurricane attacked ya’ll, glad you’re getting back to normal.

    hugs hon.

  • Ed (zoesdad)

    Try it standing up! (peeing in the dark that is)

  • Melisa

    I’m glad your lights are back on! I hate peeing in the dark.

  • Lizzi

    “Hoose” … made me LOL. Only thing better would have been if they came in on horseback, eh?

  • Bean

    Whoo HOOOOO!

  • Tenakim

    wow- I can’t believe you were without elec. for so long!

  • Twenty Four At Heart

    That’s an impressive photo! Glad you’ve finally seen the light! heh

  • AlisonH

    How cool is that that they came and did that! Sorry about that maple, though; I bet its colors were gorgeous in autumn.

  • meleah rebeccah

    whooooooooooooooo hooooooooooo


  • Colleen

    Yay for not peeing in the dark! (And why did this problem require Cannucks again? Think I missed that post…)

  • Ali

    canadians are awesome.
    that is all πŸ˜‰

  • Heather

    Oh wow! We got crews in from a couple other places too, and I think (not positive) almost all of the power is back on, except a few people who had damage they have to fix themselves, that the power company isn’t responsible for.

  • Weaselmomma

    Canadian workman don’t have plumber’s crack? Whouda thunk it?

  • Stacey @Real World Mom

    Thank goodness you’re all safe and that you no longer have to pee in the dark! πŸ˜‰ Hugs!

  • Ms Picket To You

    Whenever we lose our electricity, which is usually during a hot summer and too many ACs blaring, I wonder the house like an idiot flipping switches, grabbing the remote.

    Are Ben Franklin and Tom Edison not two great Americans?

    And Canadians with chainsaws! Awesome. Send ’em my way please.

  • Jaina

    How neat, I’m so glad you got the help you needed and that things can progress their way back to normal.

  • ria

    Oh how “fun” for you. Ike paid you a visit! We got Hanna here in PA. I don’t like monsoons; I’m glad she left quickly and without dropping a tree on me.

    Glad you’re all modern again with lights and stuff. πŸ™‚

  • www.startswithanx.com

    Your poor picket fence!!!! It looks like Dad Gone Mad’s masthead. Seriously: http://www.dadgonemad.com

  • Rhea

    Don’t you feel special? Canadian men and a Texas hurricane. The party’s going on at your place!

    BTW, love how you snuck that photo of them when they were leaving. hehe

  • Bad Momma

    Now you know what it's like to be Amish!

    I can't imagine a week without power. Fortunately our neighborhood is on a new power grid & we only lost power for a few seconds at a time. We also lost a much smaller section of fence to a smaller tree limb. I feel lucky.

    Who would of thunk we could get a Hurricane in Ohio????

  • Lane Boyz Mom

    Glad you got your power back, damn Ike, huh? LOL

  • Jo Beaufoix

    Oh, lovely men. Ike was certainly a busy boy wasn’t he? Glad you ad a good time on the Yodka though. Yum.

  • nola

    Oy! Hey, at least you had cute Cannucks!!

  • reen

    Woo hoo for hot Canuck worker guys! Too bad about your lovely maple tree and fence. It looks as though it narrowly missed the house, yikes. We told Ike to take a right, not a left! Sorry, and greetings from Texas!

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