I Feel Like a Number…Unless Mom’s Singing

posted by Momo Fali on November 20, 2008

There is a radio station here that plays nothing but Christmas music from Thanksgiving through Christmas day. This year, they started two weeks early.

Surprisingly, I was fine with the early caroling. After all, I have two kids who are excited and filled with wonder during this season…what’s wrong with getting a bit of a jump start?

But the holiday glow was quickly washed from my face when my slightly obsessive-compulsive, six year old son took to Bob Seger’s rendition of “Little Drummer Boy”.

“Little Drummer Boy” is one thing, but I’m not a fan of Bob’s. To put it mildly, not at all.

Yesterday I was playing seasonal tunes through our cable box when Mr. Seger popped up on the television screen, sitting on a motorcycle, while singing my boy’s favorite holiday song. Once it ended, my kid knew he could simply rewind the DVR to hear it again, and again, and again, and again.

I appreciate the sentiment of the song, I love it’s message, but Bob Seger puts the “assail” in wassailing.

Today we were out running errands when my son started getting tired and cranky. I thought the best thing to cheer him up would be for me to sing “Little Drummer Boy”.

I looked in the rearview mirror and started, “Come they told me…”

He interrupted, “Why are you singing that?”

I said, “Because you love that song.”

He replied, “Oh. Well, maybe you should just sing it to yourself, in your head.”


  • Rhea

    Oh, you know it’s bad when your kids ask you to stop. hehe

  • Mr Lady

    Ouch. OUCH.

  • Tom

    You should ask him if he’d rather go live with Bob Seger. That’d show him.

  • AlisonH

    I feel your pain. (Quietly stifling the laughing. *snerk*)

    My husband insists on playing a Bob Seger CD endlessly when we’re driving a long haul, like the 850 miles we did each way to take the first kid to college.

    Which is part of why I buy the kids plane tickets these days, going only as far as the airport, myself. Shoo! Shoo! Go! Go!

  • kaila

    Oh, I laughed out loud on this one. The GWLH has politely asked me to shut my mouth on several occasions while singing. He just says “SHHHSHH Mom, I want to hear it myself.” Then he goes for the volume knob.

  • Walking With Scissors

    My kids won’t let me sing anything in the car. I get sighs and groans of “Mo-om, I’m trying to listen!” or “Mo-om, be quiet!”

    Oh, and message schmessage, I can’t stand that song, whether it’s Bob Seger singing it or God himself. (No offense, God, but the parumpums make me want to stick a screwdriver in my ear).

  • Ed (zoesdad)


  • Rachel


    You know those kids can build us up and then slam us down like nobody’s business.

  • the planet of janet

    *snicker* those kids will get us every time.

    like my brother-in-law told my mother-in-law when he was 2 and she was rocking and singing him to sleep in a chair.

    “just rock, mom, don’t sing.”


  • Melisa

    Funny, my younger one said that to me once, also!

    Had to go get his ears checked…LOL

  • IrishGumbo

    Bob Seger did a version of this? Jeez, I was just starting to get over the “Like A Rock” Chevy drivel playing over and over in my head. And the SONG: if there was one Xmas tune that makes me want to scream and throw things , it’s TLDB. You have, however, performed a valuable public service: I consider myself warned. Hey, maybe the kid was coming to his senses, and not so much commenting on Mom’s singing? 🙂

    On the other hand, maybe I can get the Bing Crosby/David Bowie duet out of my head!

  • Kimmylyn

    I chuckled ..because I have heard that from my son, my husband, my sister, my mom..etc.. lol

  • Tara R.

    That’s harsh. I get the same reaction whenever I try singing… just makes me sing all the more louder.

  • Aunt Debbi/kurts mom

    At least he didn’t scream, NO MOM NO, DON’T SING DON’T SING. Mine do.

  • Tenakim

    Oh, I have missed your stories- finally found time to catch up!

  • Heather

    is your kid awesome, or what?
    and i would die if i had to hear “ltitle drummer boy” over and over. i HATE that song.

  • PG

    your dvr lets you rewind the music choice channels? no fair! mine can’t.

  • Weaselmomma


  • Rikki

    I now have Little Drummer Boy (the Bob Seger version no less) stuck in my head. Not a good way to start a Friday. I guess its better than the Thong Song.

  • Jodi

    You my dear are no Bob Seger, apparently!


  • meleah rebeccah

    oh my god I love him.

    (your son that is, not Bob Seger)

  • Jaina

    Oh I wish we had that radio station! And I can’t believe he said that! Too funny. I can’t bring that version to mind, but I have a feeling I wouldn’t like it.

  • Captain Dumbass

    That stung. And putting the “assail” in wassailing? Thank you.

  • LiteralDan

    I, on the other hand, love Bob Seger, but still, I gotta love that line (like Captain Dumbass above): “[He] puts the ‘assail’ in wassailing”… you’ve got a gift, kid, you’ve got a gift.

  • okiesister

    Too funny.

    I heard a little girl tell her mother this week, “Use your library voice.”

  • Blithe Revival

    My oldest loves me to sing to him, and will sing with me.

    My youngest asks me to stop, and puts his fingers in his ears.

  • Redneck Mommy


    I’m glad I’m not the only one who sounds like a cat in heat when they try to sing.


  • newnorth


  • Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

    Ooooh! Damn!

    My kid? Loves “Baby its cold outside” by Dean Martin. DEAN MARTIN!!! And he’s FOUR!

  • Mama Dawg

    Oh, my kid tells me that all the time. With good reason. But I choose to torture her anyway. Cause I’m a good mommy like that.

  • metalia

    When I sing, my toddler takes my face in his hands and goes, “Mommy, SHHHH. Indoor voice.” I’m pretty sure he’s trying to tell me something. But what?

  • Jo Beaufoix

    Heh heh, so yeah, he’s better. ;D

  • ria

    Heeee he he he he! Love it!!

  • Dapoppins

    My kids told me not to sing at home, only at church, where they can’t hear me.

  • Birdie

    Ha! I’m thinking you’ll never ever run out of blogging material with him around.

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