He Gets an A+ in Art

posted by Momo Fali on December 4, 2008

My son has his annual appointment with his cardiologist this afternoon. Yesterday, when I told him we would be seeing his heart doctor he got a little nervous.

I reassured him, “There won’t be any needles. They’re just going to put some stickers on your belly (an EKG) and then they’ll put some goo on your chest and use a wand to take some pictures (an echocardiogram). It won’t hurt at all.”

Of course, because he’s a boy he then asked, “What kind of goo?”

“Well, it’s kind of like clear jelly, but it’s not sticky. You’ll be able to see your heart on TV and sometimes they add color and you can see your red and blue blood mixing because of the hole in your heart. It’s pretty cool, buddy.”

He asked, “My red blood mixes with my blue blood?”

“Yes, it does.”

He scrunched up his face and said, “Maybe that makes my blood purple.”


  • Mon (holistic mama)

    Ah, organic learning, lol. Brilliant.

  • Melisa

    A+ for sure. 🙂

  • Irish Gumbo

    Ha! A very nice way to sum up the process. Hey, how about a few other results from mixing red and blue blood?

    A) Aristoplebe
    B) Plebeocrat
    C) Demoblican
    D) Repubocrat
    E) Barney

    Eeeek! Naw, let’s just leave it at plain old purple blood! A+!

  • Kimmylyn

    The boy is just to quick. 🙂

  • Weaselmomma

    He’s been watching his Nick Jr! See they do learn from that crap!

  • Mama Dawg

    What a genius! I can get behind purple blood. As long as it’s not green.

  • georgie

    he is way smarter than me! I just learned blood is blue and turns red when air hits it or something like that…I forget already BUt YAY for your lil guy!!!

  • Twenty Four At Heart

    He’s a smart kid. I hope the tests go well. It’s so hard, as a parent, to watch our kids go through stuff like that ……

  • nukedad

    He’s got the spectrum figured out, that’s for sure! Good luck and well wishes for you; I’ve had my fill of Doctors this week too.

  • kaila

    Just let him know that people with purple blood are way smarter than us regular people.

    Good luck with your appointment.

  • Heather

    Smarty pants! =) Let us know what he thinks when he sees it.

  • Melissa

    Ack! Impressive for a little guy! I would be hyperventilating on the floor!

  • Misty


  • Rachel

    That’s adorable! He’s so smart.
    Can’t wait to hear his thoughts on the appointment!

  • AlisonH

    It IS cool, though, to watch your very own heart on the screen, beating in real time. Mine was rocking out to the beat, bigtime, fwoosh fwoosh, blue, red, great fun. Give him a hug from me!

  • Tom

    Can’t argue with logic. Hope it all went well.

  • Amy

    How cool would purple blood be? I think he’s on to something!

  • Jaina

    That’s so cool! He’s smart 🙂 I hope everything goes well.

  • Rhea

    He has a nice outlook on things. What a sweetie.

    Hope the visit went well. I keep up with your tweets. :o)

  • Smart A$$ Mom

    You almost make it sound fun. Then again anything with you would probably be a good time.

  • holly

    clearly, you don’t use crayola. that would be ruby red, mixed with cornflower blue, which makes purple mountains majesty.

    of course, god probably uses the more basic colours.

  • Lisa@verybusymomwith4

    Mr.Smartypants 😉

    Hope all went well 🙂

  • Dapoppins

    You see, t.v. watching does pay off.

  • Captain Dumbass

    Makes total sense to me.

  • Aunt Debbi/kurts mom

    What a quick kid. Love it.

  • Piper

    Hey, why didn’t I think of that?

  • Birdie

    funny AND smart? I hope you're prepared for the league of little girlies that will be beating down your door & ringing your phone off the hook.

  • the planet of janet

    clever, clever boy!

  • Heather

    Aww, I hope his appointment went well. He is SOMETHING special, your son :]

  • Ashley

    How did the appt go?

  • meleah rebeccah

    Aw. He is too darn cute for his own good.

  • K and/or K

    I’ve been reading your most recent posts and your son sounds like a riot!

    What cleaner should the mom use to clean up purple blood? Comit with a short i?

  • BusyDad

    Spock ain’t got nuthin on him!!

  • Missives From Suburbia

    Love it!

    I hope the appointment went well.

  • Immoral Matriarch

    I used to really believe that it was. 😐

  • metalia

    I love how kids think. 🙂

  • LiteralDan

    Is that where they got the term Purple Heart from?

  • OHmommy

    For sure an A+ he has a great outlook!

  • Medela

    Very active kid! I liked the way you explained each and everything to him! your kid is very special! I loved every word of this post.

  • Mrs4444

    Well, it does, doesn’t it?!

  • Mr Lady

    They add color now? Tell him how lucky he is for me, okay? Tell him that Auntie Mr Lady had to have those monitor things crammed inbetween her ribs and wiggled around and the most she could see was snow on the screen.


    Dude, I know it’s scary for you, but that totally trips me out. I’m demanding an echo!

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