Time Stand Still

posted by Momo Fali on December 29, 2008

At this moment, ten years ago today, I was lying in a hospital room with a monitor around my belly watching pitocin slowly drip into my vein. I had less than five contractions before the doctor made them stop. He then proceeded to tell me that I would be having my baby very soon. Literally. Ten weeks too soon, to be exact.

My firstborn was delivered weighing 2 lbs. 9 oz. and she lost two of those ounces in the first day of her life. Her legs were the diameter of a highlighter, her ears the size of a thumbnail. If you’ve seen a preemie as small as mine, you know that her skin was so thin you could see her veins, and some parts of her body hadn’t even developed yet.

The first time I saw my baby, she had a breathing tube down her throat, an IV in her belly button, and wires covering her tiny frame. She was so, so small and I was absolutely terrified.

But today, on her 10th birthday, she is happy and healthy. She overcame a whole lot of obstacles to get here, but you would never know that her father once held her entire body in one hand. Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

Now I’m faced with the knowledge that in three years I’ll have a teenager, and I find myself absolutely terrified all over again.


  • Jenny, the Bloggess

    Don’t worry. Everyone born on Dec 29th turns out just perfectly.


  • Weaselmomma

    Happy birthday to her! And she deserves a really special day to commemorate all of hard herd work in getting here. Her parents deserve a full month of sleep to make up for all of the sleep they lost while worrying about her. Congrats to you all!

  • Mama Dawg

    Happy Birthday to her! What a wonderful turn of events (that she’s healthy and fine now after overcoming all those obstacles).

  • the*4*of*us

    Happy Birthday to her! Such a miracle!

  • Rhea

    Happy Birthday to your daughter! They do grow so fast. And it does sound like she’s come a long way. Congrats!

    and yes, a little scary she shares a birthday with Jenny the Bloggess. hehe

  • amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay

    happy birthday baby gurl! I am always touched when you write about yr kids and the way things started out- preemies and issues and everything and yr so strong and I love that. I love that yr kids know they have a kick ass mum! xo

  • Mrs4444

    Came all the way through my Google Reader to look for a pic! What? No pic?! Come on, I wanna see pics! (please?)

  • Ashley

    Happy Birthday to her!!

  • Heather

    Happy Birthday, daughter of Momo.

  • Melissa

    Wow, Happy Birthday to you 10 year old. Nothing like beating the odds, huh? 🙂

  • writefromkaren

    Happy birthday, little girl!!

    I could have written this post! My oldest son was born 8 weeks too early and in NICU for six weeks. He’s now 16 and perfectly healthy, complete with healthy teenage angst. *sigh*

    Fun times.

  • Lisa@verybusymomwith4

    Oh Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!
    She’s a fighter just like brother!

  • Tom

    Happy Birthday to firstborn! I’m sure she’ll be the exception to the rule of teenager-ish-ness.

  • Kimmylyn

    Happy Birhtday to your little girl!!! 🙂

  • Captain Dumbass

    Both my monkeys were difficult births, but I can’t imagine what it took to get through that. Happy Birthday.

  • ada

    Happy Birthday to your little girl. My sister's daughter was a preemie. She wasn't that tiny, though. Today she's healthy and relatively happy teenager. Yes,a teenager. Be afraid, very afraid. But hey, I have two (17 & 18) and nothing a spot of sherry a night won't cure!

  • Mon (holistic mama)

    what an ordeal!

    Happy birthday to her, and yes, yikes at the teen years looming not far off.

  • the planet of janet

    happy birthday to your little girl.

    and i won’t tell you that girls start acting like teenagers about three years ahead of time. nope, i won’t tell you that at all.

  • Irish Gumbo

    MF: I know exactly what you mean (http://irishgumbo.blogspot.com/2008/11/gobsmacked-by-wee-lass.html)

    Having said that:

    HappyHappyHappy Birthday to your lovely lass! That is amazing! 10 years and teens on the way! Buckle up!

  • Kat

    Happy Birthday!

  • Tom

    Happy birthday! It sounds like you both had a rough start to parenthood. I am glad that everything turned out okay.

  • Chuck

    Happy birthday to your little girl. 10 is a very big deal.

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    another Dec 29th birthday!

    nice. Happy Birthday.

  • musing

    Best wishes to the birthday girl!

    About the teen thing. I’ve had four of them and loved it about 86 percent of the time (I’m deducting 14 percent for year fifteen…something about being fifteen is just, wow).

  • kaila

    Happy Birthday sweet girl!

  • NukeDad

    Happy Birthday Ali-! (close?)

    So, she likes to make an entrance, huh? That’ll come in handy on prom night; if you have a winding staircase, that is. Hope you all had a great celebration!

  • Mrs. Schmitty

    Happy Birthday to her! 10 Year olds Rocks! Well, most of the time!

  • AlisonH

    Happy birthday to a fellow December baby!

    Don’t ever let anyone scare you about teenagers: they’re interesting people to talk to. Sure, they have their days, but I know I had mine too. (Mine are 20, 22, 24, and 26, so I got the teen stage all at once.)

    The best way to get them talking is to stay up way late with them while feeding them their favorite homemade dessert you made just for them. Works like a charm every time.

  • Heather

    i hope your pretty princess has a fantastic birthday! and i’m wishing you and your family the happiest of new years.

  • worldmomma

    Wow, amazing. I try not to think about the teenage years or it would be too terrifying to have children!:)

  • Walking With Scissors

    I just love a good happy ending story. Happy Birthday to your little fighter!

  • Aunt Debbi/kurts mom

    Happy birthday to another christmas-time/new years baby. Middle Monkey got here on 12/26 a few weeks early and I arrived on 01/03. Of course she is happy and healthy, we are all just a bunch of tough goats.

  • geeksinrome

    I think she will be just as indestructible as she was when she was born. People are right, those Capricorns are tough stuff.

  • Secret Agent Mama

    Happy Birthday Daughter Fali! 😉

  • Corey~living and loving

    Happy Birthday to your sweet “little” honey.

  • Sogeshirtsguy

    Happy birthday to your daughter!

  • Jaina

    Happy Birthday! I’ve seen little babies like that. My brother was born only 2 weeks too early, but his lungs hadn’t fully developed so he ended up in the NICU. He was the largest baby there at 7lb 11oz. But during those 10 days in there I saw quite a few tiny little babies. What a blessing that you have such a wonderful, healthy little girl.

  • Speedcat Hollydale

    LOVE this post … what a miracle.

    My brother and his wife had a premature birthed daughter. It was touch and go for months. This Christmas I saw her – and watched her open presents. She is now 2 years old.

    So amazing that life can start in such a tini package, and become so huge … in so many ways.

    Happy Birthday wishes from the Speedy Cat ((( smile )))

  • Anonymous

    You done good, momo!!!

  • Kiera

    Wow! Amazing. Isn’t modern medicine a miracle? Happy Birthday daughter of Momo. Be good to your mama.

  • Mz. Nesbit

    Happy Belated Birthday to your first born baby. :o)

  • meleah rebeccah

    Happy Birthday To Your 10 year old Daughter!

  • Jo Beaufoix

    Oh tiny girl. So glad she’s all healthy and happy. And yep, the teen bit scares me too.

  • Bec

    Whoa, so, they induced you with a 30 weeker? Were they insane? I ask this with a very serious tone and furrow in my brow.

    Anyway, Happy belated birthday! And congrats to your mama (or momo).

  • isla

    Please tell her Happy Birthday for me. I’ll give her a Resse’s cup next time I see her!

    Hey, I’ve got a 13 year old girl. Be very afraid!

  • melissa

    my daughter is turning 13 in a couple of days. my son…in april. me…buying a one way plane ticket to a undisclosed location!!
    happy new year. and happy birthday!!!

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