Little Alouette

posted by Momo Fali on August 20, 2009

My youngest child turned seven in May. When he came along, with the exception of a new high chair and a new stroller which were gifts from generous friends, everything he used was a hand-me-down from his big sister.

And when his big sister was born, in 1998, a lot of the things she used were hand-me-down as well. She even had a crib that belonged to one of my nieces…who was born in 1986.

They used those things, because the products on the market weren’t much different. At that time, a crib was a crib, a stroller was a stroller and a car seat was a car seat.

In the time since then, however, all these people went and invented super-cool stuff! Which is so not fair, but is completely my luck and, therefore, not surprising in the least.

When my kids were babies, they had teethers and rattles just like every other child does. They were made of colored rubber, or plastic, or who knows what man-made material. There was nothing natural about the stuff my children chewed on.

But now, as my luck would have it, my friend Amy and her husband make the most beautiful, all-natural, wooden teethers. They are carved from Ohio maple, sanded with love in their backyard workshop and finished with organic flax seed oil.

They are pretty to look at and completely safe to bite. My kids totally missed out.

But, your baby or someone you know doesn’t have to. Leave a comment on this post and I will draw a winner who will receive a lovely wee wood teether from Amy’s Little Alouette store.

Someones child is going to be very lucky.

Winner will be chosen, at random, on August 28th at 6:00 PM EST.



  • Tracey

    You are soooo kind to not only want all the babies to have what yours missed out on, but to help your friends as well. Great idea!! All the best to you, your family and your friends…

  • Kathleen Formidoni

    If I have another child I'm going to go to a place far, far away. But, I would love to give this amazing teether to my good friend and new mom.

  • melissa

    as cool as those are, i still am never having another child. ever. but still, cool teether!!

  • GotGRITS

    Just what I need….now maybe this baby won't bite me like my other one did or worse chew on the furniture 🙂

  • laura benson

    OK, the teethers are super cool and I, too, have missed out on all the neat stuff. Would love one of them for my niece due to arrive in early December. Her parents would certainly appreciate the work that goes into them as they make, by hand, Uillean Pipes. Thanks for the info!

  • Justin & Kristin

    OH MY GOSH!! Those are too dang cute!!
    My 9 month old baby boy JUST got his first tooth!! We could use a wonderful helper like this.

    New to your blog and glad I found it. VERY CUTE!!
    Cheers, Kristin

  • Mrs4444

    It's beautiful. Count me in!

  • velocibadgergirl

    I just want to say that a friend sent me the Little Alouette T-Rex teether for my baby (due in January) and it is AWESOME. So cute, and SO well made! Whoever ends up with this prize is a very lucky baby! 😀

  • Kristen

    Those are beautiful teethers! I'm constantly on the lookout for safe alternatives to the Made in China, plastic ones. This would be perfect!

  • Early Bird Special

    What a wonderful giveaway! My 2nd daughter is due next month, so this is something we could get a lot of use out of. Love your blog!

  • thislittlelight

    My little Henry would love this! He is teething like crazy! Beautiful and useful!

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