Spay Day

posted by Momo Fali on August 21, 2009

I know what it looks like, but ambulance chasers need not apply. Daisy is wearing that collar because she didn’t get rear-ended.


  • Melisa with one S

    Poor, pitiful thing. Hope she has a speedy recovery!

  • BusyDad

    Bow wow wow yipee yo yipee yay Daisy Dogg's in the mofo'in house.

  • Devri

    lol poor doggy!

  • Deb Thaxton

    –>Bob Barker would be proud of you!

  • Corey~living and loving

    ohmy word! how do you come up with this stuff????

  • Angella

    This will be Diesel on Tuesday. I CAN'T WAIT.

  • surprised mom

    My dog winced when he saw this photo! While he may be saying OUCH! I say good for you!

  • AlisonH

    *groan* Good one!

  • Maureen

    Ha! Hope she's out of the collar soon. 😉

  • Sue

    At least she is wearing a fashionable collar. So much nicer than the big lampshade things. Too bad they couldn't have gotten it in pink for her!



  • WeaselMomma

    Are all the other dogs on the block laughing at her because her accessories look dorky?

  • Have the T-shirt

    I've never seen those newfangled collars. My dogs have always had to wear those Funnels….this is so much more 'fashion forward'.

    PS – She is adorable…I am so jealous.

  • Mrs4444

    Beats the old "cone" by a mile! She's beautiful, BTW.

  • anya

    Clever. Dirty, but clever!

  • Heather

    Man, my dogs will be so jealous to see that they got rid of that damn cone finally!

    I hope she's feeling better by now! Poor lil bebe!

  • Mr Lady


    (PS: I'm not wearing a collar right now. )

  • Stacey

    LOVE it! Kudos for posting this!

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