I’ll Show You Some Curves

posted by Momo Fali on September 16, 2009

This article has suggestions for buying jeans for women with curvy figures. Um…really, Women’s Health magazine? Because the only curve I see is that bended knee.


  • Always Home and Uncool

    We need truth in advertising.

    "Fat Ass Jeans" to start with followed by fat ass models for them.

  • Kate

    LOL! So true. Also like the woman in her 20s doing a commercial for an anti-wrinkle cream.

  • Kori

    Shaking my head disgustedly because my left leg wouldn't fit in that entire pair of pants.

  • Jaina

    Seriously. I hate advertising like that. And then they wonder why people have eating disorders and low self esteem.

  • anya

    Lol to Always Home and Uncool!

  • Heather

    As someone who is "curvy" (or, in my opinion, just fat) I am honestly pissed off at seeing that. WTF?! There is nothing "curvy" about ANY of those models legs.


  • Amo

    Where are the muffin top models?! I feel cheated.

  • Chibi Jeebs

    The knee, or those fugly short boots above them (HAAAAATE).

  • Momma Sunshine

    Eeesh. WOW. What's wrong with our society?

  • patty

    Men's Health is the far better magazine. The workouts and fitness advice are real (no lifting pink 3lb weights and expecting to get buff) and you don't have to wade through the advertorial about "curvy" models to get to the good stuff.

  • Shnerfle

    *throws up in mouth a little*

    What's worse is that I don't think that was an ad. It looked like an article. Someone who is paid to be objective chose to draw those "women".

  • Corey~living and loving

    ughola…..yeah…curvy for sure.

  • Surfer Jay

    Stick figures.

  • Oscar

    Curvy. LOL

    Everyone has curves, at different arc degrees.

    never mind curves, those legs are a mile long!!

  • Deb

    Dig the negative space between the thighs of the middle figure. You could fly a kite through there.

  • Debbie

    That is so true! Good catch.

  • Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]

    There is air space between her thighs.

    The only time there's air space between my thighs is when I'm making a baby or having a baby.

  • AlisonH

    I wasn't that thin when I hit 104 pounds (at 5'5") last January due to being extremely ill. Curvy figure?! That's absolutely crazy.

  • Bad Momma

    Since when should we be trusting Women's Health for fashion advice???
    Wearing 6" spike heels with skinny jeans can't be good for your health.
    That spread is wrong in so many ways!

  • Caroline

    Ahh hahahaha. I hate those magazine articles that give you hints for certain types of bodies. What if you possess ALL the problems areas? Short, curvy, busty. Then WTF do you do?

  • Kim

    Oh goodness.. they are delusional..

  • Stacey

    LOL! Great call!

  • Rachel


    Thank you! I thought the same dang thing!!!!

  • DysFUNctional Mom

    That's absurd! yeah, I will show them curves…and lumps..and chunks…

  • WeaselMomma

    That's the only curve I see too.

  • geeksinrome

    Seems only Saturday Night Live can even attempt to show what mini-curves look like

  • Misty


  • ZDub

    And none of those jeans are really that cute!

  • BeautifulWreck

    My 12 year old is tall, and could pull off a pair of jeans like that. Her straight, skinny European figure – she did not get that from me. Pass me the Lane Bryant catalog please. That is where my curvy figure jeans come from.

  • Momma

    I used to fit in jeans like that…and then I turned 13! I've never had a gap btwn my thighs except for the same reasons as stated above, you aren't supposed to are you? I've never seen anyone like that in real life so I'm assuming my curves are what real women look like!

    On a side note, just b/c I'm fat doesn't mean I'm short and fat, anyone know why you can't find long length in larger sizes?

  • Christina

    Curvy jeans? Ha. I guarantee I'd have to buy those jeans 3 sizes too big to fit my hips, then belt the enormous waist it would have.

    The only curvy jeans I've found that truly fit are the Lane Bryant/Fashion Bug ones.

    And yeah, some models that actually ARE curvy would be nice!

  • Stacey

    Maybe by "curvy figure" they mean "woman with some small semblance of an ass." I've seen plenty of assless models.

    I bet the jeans for every figure type look exactly the same.

  • mrsmouthy

    You mean you DON'T have a gap between yoru thighs? I thought everyone had that…

  • Dapoppins

    Those jeans are perfect for me! THEY are ttotally BUTT-LESS!

  • The One and Only Gaborg

    If that's curvy, my gut is Hugh Jackman's abs.

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