Your Lil’ Farmer Will Thank You

posted by Momo Fali on October 9, 2009

Way back when, before my husband and I started our family, we used to dine at fine restaurants. Restaurants with jumbo shrimp appetizers, wine lists and waiters with French accents.

After our daughter was born we took a break from those type of establishments until we felt she was old enough to behave, then we made an attempt to have her join us in the fine-dining arena. As it turns out, those places don’t even have high chairs! Nor, do the managers act kind when small children throw knives. Who knew?

Since that experience, and especially since the addition of our son, we have stuck with tried and true, family-friendly facilities. Places with booster seats, crayons and a kid’s menu. Bob Evans is our favorite. First of all, because it’s a place where we’re comfortable taking the kids. Secondly, sausage gravy and biscuits. Enough said.

Right now there’s a bonus for you Lancaster, Ohio readers too. Through October 14th, you can get a free kids meal with the purchase of an adult-sized entree at the Bob Evans located near River Valley Mall at 2157 Schorrway Drive. There are even some new additions to the kid’s menu and they can eat breakfast all day.

And, as if preparing and serving up Plenty-o’-Pancakes wasn’t enough, Bob Evans wants one lucky reader to have a $25 gift card!

Just leave a comment here, with a valid e-mail address, between now and Saturday, October 17th at noon EST and I’ll enter you in the drawing. Happy eating!

10/19/09 Update: Congratulations to RJRuff! Enjoy your pancakes!


  • Davina

    Every time I go to Bob's I order the Sausage Gravy and Biscuits… it doesn't matter what else I'm having, I always order the cup!!! Ahhhh! Too bad they aren't open 24 hrs a day like waffle house… just imagine the MONEY they'd bring in :O


    We just went to the pumpkin patch yesterday and after an hour of searching for the "perfect pumpkins", we went to Bob Evans for lunch. Two Little Farmers, a chicken and noodles and a slice of pumpkin pie later, our bellies were full and we declared it a great day out.

  • Jaimie Wutzler

    I would love to win this card!

  • madoliv

    This is one of my family's favorite restaurants!

  • Johanna Johnson

    We love Bob Evans! It was one of the first phrases my son said. "Mom Bob Evans! Bob Evans!" Right now his fav is the French Toast with a sausage link. He loves going to the dentist because he knows Bob Evans is right across the street, where he'll chow down on the peanut butter cup sundae. Nothing like the sweets after a good dental checkup.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Erin


  • Anonymous

    Awesome grub. I hope I win.

  • Emily

    Whenever we ask the kids which restaurant they want to go to for dinner, they always, always, always pick Bob Evans. I think I know the menu by heart…

  • laura

    We love breakfast for dinner at Bob Evans…..

  • JennOB

    Last week when I didn't feel like cooking (big surprise), I asked Georgie where he wanted to go for lunch. His answer – Bob's Place (this is what Maddie started calling Bob Evans when she was 2). It is pretty much a bi-weekly adventure for us! Love it!!

  • modbla

    We order Bob Evans To Go about once a week at work. No time to go out. Love Bob BLT & E. Yummy!!!

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