posted by Momo Fali on December 21, 2009

Next week, my daughter will mark her 11th birthday. We were discussing this momentous occasion when she suddenly said, “I remember being so scared about turning 10 last year!”

I replied, “Really? Why?”

“Because I knew I’d be in double digits for the rest of my life!”


  • Coral

    Tell her there will come a day when she will have to stop and think about how old she's going to be on her birthday.

  • Chibi Jeebs

    Love it! Turning "doub dig" was a big deal in my family, for some odd reason… I have no clue. lol

  • Otter Thomas

    That extra digit add a lot of weight to carry around. I hope number 11 is much less scary for her.

  • Mum-me

    That's funny!

    My children were excited about reaching the double digits.

  • Tara R.

    Already worried about her age. She should start being creative with that number now.

    (my verification word was: phooe Seems appropriate)

  • Mad Woman


  • meleah rebeccah


  • Oh My Goddess

    If 10 is the new old….

  • Sue

    We should get our newly made 11's together. Sounds like they would have a good time with that rationalization!

  • Heather

    We all know the feeling, kid. Trust me 😉 Happy early birthday to her!

  • Irish Gumbo

    So when I turn ten I should be scared? Good thing I have about 8-9 years to go! Whew!

  • Dapoppins

    pfft! welcome to the club girl friend!

  • the*4*of*us

    I love it!

  • AlisonH

    My great uncle was born early in 1900 and died November '99: lived basically 100 years all inside the same century! Didn't quite make that third digit, much less see three centuries like he could almost have.

    Meantime, and more importantly, happy birthday Momofalisdaughter!

  • Paul Brads

    wait til all your kids have a 2 as the first of the double digits! too fast, way too fast!

  • sanjeet

    Sounds like they would have a good time with that rationalization!
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  • Deb Thaxton

    –>She's right about that one!


  • Kim

    Oh boy is she so on target with this one.

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