The Birds and the (Bumbled) Bees

posted by Momo Fali on February 11, 2010

My children like to talk. A lot. We have a video of my daughter telling a story when she was three and she doesn’t finish before the tape ran out…after 30 minutes.

Though, at times, it can drive me crazy, I’m glad my kids talk to me. Our conversations have opened the doors to discussions that (hopefully) let my children know that I’ll always be honest with them. If they ask me something, I do my best to give them a truthful, accurate answer.

Being that kids are naturally curious about the human body, this means that some of the things we’ve talked about would make typical parents squirm. That’s right, I’m talking about ex-say. (Ha! Find me now, spammers!) I have always spoken openly about ex-say because we’re all human and it’s a topic that everyone has to deal with at one time or another. God gave us noses to smell and He gave us other parts for other things.

I discuss these things with them because I believe that knowledge is power. I want my kids to be armed and ready to make informed decisions…when they are adults and have finished college and are married to someone who loves and respects them and tells them the sun rises and sets with their smile.

Depending on the age at which they have asked questions, I have had to use language that my children will understand. Which may have backfired on me when my son once told a complete stranger that he had babies in his bawlz.

But, as it turns out, I may have confused my daughter as well. A couple of years ago, when I first explained how babies are conceived, I apparently messed things up quite a bit.

Let’s just say that the other night she told me that she walked away from that conversation thinking that a women had to chew up the man’s parts…as if sitting down to a steak dinner…in order to have a baby.

I’m glad we cleared that up before she meets her future husband.


  • Melisa with one S

    Oh gosh, I could go so many places with this comment.

    Just think, she's gone through the past couple of years thinking that her mother is TOTALLY INSANE. And told her friends, too!

  • Gunfighter

    Babies in his bawlz… Bwahahahahaha

  • DysFUNctional Mom

    On the upside…there would have been no surprise grandchildren for you!

  • UP

    I'm with Melissa on this one…so many places…most of all, I loved the conversations with my kids. They were always "thought provoking" and opened an on-ramp to some moral life lesson…and thanks for the ex say tip…i've wondered why i get soooooo much spam!!


  • Sincerely, Jenni

    You had me at "babies in his bawlz."

    Great post!

  • Tara R.

    I'm sure her future husband will thank you in time too that that little misunderstanding was clear up while she was young.

  • WeaselMomma

    That's one way to go about things! I doubt that she would find much success in it though.

    Maybe you can give me the talk someday.

  • 2princessmama1012

    I have the same policy with my daughters.I am very sure her future will be happy you cleared that up/

  • ~ifer

    Sometimes, when I read posts like this… there is a teeny tiny part of me inside that is glad we don't have kids yet lol. Seriously though, I think it is awesome that you believe in being honest with your kids. And I am glad she got that straightened out. I am sure her future husband is too!

  • Amy

    Oh my God what did you tell her back then? It's hilarious (and confounding) that this was her take away. HA!

  • Everyday Goddess

    What, that's wrong?

  • Oscar

    You sure it wasn't meant mentally!@


  • Jaina

    Wow…words cannot describe my amusement. Definitely a good thing you cleared that up šŸ˜‰

  • Surfer Jay

    Oh my… Yeah, I'm gonna stop right there.

  • Heather

    HILARIOUS. I'm sure she'll be grateful you cleared that up for her now, as opposed to later šŸ˜‰

  • Dapoppins

    What on earth did you say? I am ready to answer questions that come my way, but the boys are totally not interested even when I bring it up.

    My husband is very different than I in this, choosing even to guard them from fad terms…which I explain later…Is it bad that we don't see eye to eye on this?

  • Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    That was hilarious AND terrifying.

  • Corey~living and loving

    tee hee…love the title of this post…and you really make me wonder what you might have said to lead to that conclusion. good on you for being up front and honest with your kids. It is a good thing.

  • Geeks in Rome

    I'm sure you still did a better job than the nuns we had in grade school.

    Good thing I lived on a farm. The dogs and chickens set me straight on that one.

  • mrsmouthy

    Ihay. Oodgay ostpay, utbay itay ouldcay useay ormay exsay.

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