Calling an Audible

posted by Momo Fali on March 22, 2010

I have mentioned before that my 75 year old mother has a tendency to make slight errors in her pronunciation of certain words.

Usually her terminology is good for a chuckle, but last night at dinner she had me completely stumped when she asked, “Diane, have you seen that HBO movie I told you about yet? The one about that acoustic girl.”

I stared blankly. She continued, “Temple something…”

“Temple Grandin?”

She replied, “Yes! That’s it.”

“Mom, I think you meant to say autistic.”

Though I suppose it’s entirely possible that Temple played a mean guitar.


  • Tara R.

    My FIL does the same thing, but I've never been brave enough to correct him.

  • meleah rebeccah

    That's too funny!

  • Tom

    My ex MIL used to call her oven a "confection oven". I always wondered why she didn't make candy with it.

    She was a constant source of amusement.

  • AlisonH

    My husband does that, and wonders why every now and then I'm totally unable to figure out what on earth he is trying to say.

  • Sue

    Funny. I used to work at a school for autistic children and at the bars guys would think I would say I work with artistic children! Hmm, small difference here!

  • UP

    I so want to blog about the things people mispronounce, but then some of them read my blog…as everyone should…and that would be 'hurtful', now wouldn't it?


  • Rachael

    Ha! That is so funny! I love stories of mispronunciation and people who use wrong words. Maybe it's mean… but it's still funny.

    Is it a coincidence that my word verification is carma? sure it's spelled wrong, but…

  • Tired Mom Tésa

    I could see her mixing that up. Glad you figured out what she meant, sometimes that can be frustrating.

  • Jana

    HA! that is too funny, I cant believe I havent seen the movie yet, I read her book and I dont think she mentioned a guitar, but she is sort of brilliant so I suppose its possible 😉

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