Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

posted by Momo Fali on April 27, 2010

I make ugly cakes. No, really. I once made my husband a camouflage cake and it wasn’t even on purpose. My cakes are notoriously hideous. I am including proof.

This is a cake I made for my husband. Note that after I wrote his name, I wanted to use up the rest of the icing so I made little flowers around the edges. That is my M.O., as are the flecks of cake which you can see through the icing around the candles. The mismatched candles.

This is another birthday cake I made for my husband. I crossed out his name to save him from embarrassment. As you can see, I didn’t even attempt to hide the cake I ripped up with icing (on the left side). See how I put three candles on the left and six candles on the right because it was his 36th birthday? I. Am. Brilliant.

This is quite possibly the worst cake ever created. I made this masterpiece for my son’s second birthday. See the “2” in each corner? My poor boy took one look at this cake and burst into tears. I can’t say I blame him.

As you can see, my husband bears the brunt of my poor decorating skills. I was truly starting to feel sorry for him, so this year I turned to a professional. Krazy Kakes is a family-owned, Columbus business and I clearly needed their help.

I told the cake designer that I wanted a small cake and that my husband is a huge fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Have you ever seen a Buckeye helmet?
Now, look at the cake.

Isn’t that awesome? I was way impressed with the colors and the design. Here’s the cake with Brutus on top.

Even cooler, right? My husband loved the look, we all loved the taste and those candy Buckeyes didn’t last much longer than a minute.

This is all that was left when we were through.

The good news? I will never make another hideous cake. The better news? You have a chance to win a Krazy Kake!

Krazy Kakes is offering one lucky winner a free cake! It can be circle, square, hexagon, or oval, can feed about 8-10 people and can be any flavor of cake and frosting. Your cake can also be covered in fondant if you want something fancy.

Just leave a comment on this post (with a valid e-mail address, please, so I can contact you if you’re the winner) before Friday, May 7, 2010 at noon EST and you will be entered to win. The winner must redeem this offer before May 7, 2011. You must live within 20 miles of Columbus, Ohio to be eligible to win.

People, if your cakes look anything remotely like mine, you should enter this drawing. Your family will thank you.

Update: Congratulations to Christina (comment #1)! You are the lucky winner! Enjoy your cake!


  • Christina

    Oh wow, that's an impressive cake! I am also awful at trying to make my own cakes, and usually don't even try. If I made one, I doubt even Cake Wrecks would show it.

    This would be perfect for Mira's birthday party at the end of May!

    cmcmenemy AT gmail DOT com

  • Ok.Georgette

    I must have a *sliver* of that cake.

    ok.georgette (at) gmail (dot) com

    My cakes look like yours.

  • Anonymous

    There's no better way to celebrate my 1-week anniversary of actually making it to and exercising at the gym than eating yummy cake! Her cakes are amazing, I would love one! I wonder if she could do a "Twilight" cake…

    -Emily Badertscher

  • Ed

    Naturally!! We just finished "birthday season" today. We've got a few months reprieve before we start the cycle again. But that doesn't mean we can't eat cake in the meantime, right?

    Enter me!

  • Jeff Buterbaugh

    I think the Buckeye cake would be just fine. But I'm sure you are being too hard on yourself with respect to your own cakes. The creativity is definitely worth it — even the "creative" numerology with your "36". Just involve the kids and stick with it!

    jbuterba AT YAHOO DOT com

  • SelimaCat

    Is it wrong that I just want to pick off the buckeyes from around the edge and eat them? The cake looks glorious, too!

  • wenderly

    I do love to make cakes, but the chance to win one? I'm not stupid! Especially when they are darling! And Momo,you. are. brilliant.

    The End.

  • Bad Momma

    Yum! We love cake at our house and are culinary challenged as well.

    My husband uses cake mixes with CANNED frosting. If that isn't bad enough, he then microwaves the frosting to a near liquid consistency so it will spread better.

    Would love to re-do my birthday (last week) with a REAL cake…. sigh…

  • Brandy

    I have no idea how I got to your blog just now (so happy I did), but I just want you to know that I have not laughed at anything as hard as I have just laughed at this cake post. I have pictures of cakes that are identical with every one of yours. When you said "I. Am. Brilliant.", tears streamed from my eyes because I've done this very thing and I really thought it really was brilliant. SO FUNNY! It has become so funny around here that I HAVE to make the cakes now…as our tradition! Except, I will buy a nice cake when it's a birthday party year for one of the kids. I'm not as brave as you are in sharing my creations with the world. Thanks for the best laugh I've had in a while.

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