In Plain Sight

posted by Momo Fali on May 17, 2010

I have a good friend with whom my family spends a lot of time. I would like to say it’s because our older daughters are in the same class and play a lot of sports together, or because her younger daughter and my son are nine months apart. But, pretty much, it’s because we both like beer.

My friend’s father is in his eighties and lives with her and her family. We call him Pops.

My eight year old son and Pops have a great relationship, despite the more than seven decades between them. They both tire easily, they are both hard of hearing and they both have heart problems. It’s kind of a match made in heaven.

It turns out, they both have eye problems too. Although I had never noticed, my son picked up on the fact that Pops’ right eye looks different from his left. Thank goodness the entire family is aware of my child’s blatant honesty, because he didn’t have any problem mentioning it.

And when Pops told my boy that he was blind in one eye, my son said, “Hey, Pops. Cover your good eye with one of your hands.” Pops obliged.

Then my son did what any good, supportive person would do to his blind friend.

He hid.


  • Aunt Juicebox

    Ha! It's always good to start the day out with a laugh, and that kid never fails to be entertaining.

  • UP

    I was brutally honest as a child. It wasn't well received; I'm so glad you are more openminded. He'll be better for it.



  • WeaselMomma

    I said it before and I'll say it again……I love that kid and all the laughter he brings to my life.
    Quite frankly, I'd play that same game, because that's funny stuff.

  • Erika

    Ha! Too funny!

  • Amy

    Oh my gosh – that is so funny!

  • Jodi

    I probably would have hid too! How fun is that?!

  • Tara R.

    I love that kid!! He has a wicked, funny sense of humor.

  • SurprisedMom

    I do love your son! He is hysterically funny! I always seem to burst out laughing at his antics. What a great sense of humor he has!

  • meleah rebeccah

    Ahahahha! OMG. I love your son!

  • Jamie E

    Thank you for the laugh today!

  • AlisonH

    Hide and go seek! The only catch is then he has to say when it's okay to uncover his eye, which means his voice would give away his location.

  • The Urban Cowboy

    Ha…that is funny. Boys will be boys, ya know.

  • Otter Thomas

    Your son always cracks me up. Always. I made all my friendships in life over beer so don't feel bad.

  • Davina

    That's GREAT!!!!! He rocks!

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