Better Than Anchovies

posted by Momo Fali on July 23, 2010

The kids and I went to pick up a pizza earlier this evening and as we waited in the crowded counter area, I looked down to see my son vigorously rubbing his nose.

I had seen this before. This was the booger rub.

I looked around for a napkin, but there were none in sight. I didn’t want to be standing among a group of people, who were picking up their dinner, and see a green glob on my son’s knuckle, so I nudged him and quietly requested, “Hey buddy, why don’t you wait until we’re in the car to do that?”

And, not realizing that this was something he should do with a bit of modesty, he loudly replied, “You mean I should wait until we get in the car to pick my nose?”

Yeah, that’s right…and we’re going to pass on those green peppers.


  • UP

    Kids can kill you sometimes in public. I had taken my son, between the age of two and three into the mens room to pee. He was being trained, and was standing UP. When I turned him around from the toilet to put his pants back together, he saw a Deputy Sheriff at the urinal and said, (at the top of his voice), "Look daddy, that man has a big penis." I could not get out of there fast enough, and can't wait to share that story at his rehersal dinner when he gets married!

    Kids, ya gotta love em!


  • SurprisedMom

    Ah, kids. How would we know embarrassment without them? I love your son's lack of embarrassment. This is another reason my purse and/or diaper bag was stuffed with kleenex and wet naps and . . . My purse still is. I would be totally mortified if my teens started using their sleeves . . . again.

  • Mum-me

    How funny. Reminds me of the first time my 2 year old saw an Ethiopian lady in the supermarket (very dark skin) and said "Mummy! Look! There's a chocolate lady!!"

  • The Urban Cowboy

    Now that's a little man in the making!

  • newnorth


  • Megan

    This is funny! you made my sad face smile.Thank you 🙂

  • WeaselMomma


  • Oscar

    I'd have puked!!!!!

  • meleah rebeccah

    I would have cracked up laughing if I heard a child say that out loud!

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