Wii Party!

posted by Momo Fali on November 24, 2010

When I was dating my husband, I fell in love with him because he was kind, handsome and funny, but most of all because he had a mean competitive streak.

The two of us would battle against each other each day to see who would be the first to finish the crossword puzzle from our local paper.  It drove him crazy when I beat him.  Often.

Our kids have, naturally, inherited our love of games and the good-natured competition that goes with them.  This was never more evident than when we purchased our Ninendo Wii Video Game Console.

You just haven’t seen a real game until you’ve seen your 76 year old mother bowling against your 11 year old daughter.  Grandma can get a little crazy.

The best part is that we have taken our games off of the dining room table and put them right in the middle of our living room.  We ski, play tennis, fly airplanes, fish and drive race cars and we do it together as a family. 

The kids love the Wii, because it provides constant entertainment.  My husband loves the Wii, because he can occasionally beat our eight year old son at Mario Kart.  I love the Wii, because it keeps everyone moving.

Our latest acquisition is Wii Party.  I love a good party and I wanted to live up to the game’s name, so that’s exactly what we had.  A Wii party!  We invited a few friends and their kids over on Saturday afternoon for some family fun.

First, we needed sustenance.  The pizza went a lot faster than the fruit and veggies though!

We had a TON of laughs creating our Mii characters.  Here, my friend tries to imitate the eyes we gave her before she arrived.

The kids got the party started!

A disco ball and balloons make all parties better!

My son listens for animal sounds during Hide and Hunt.  The Wii Party version of Hide and Seek!  So fun!

The adults enjoy a game of Time Bomb.  They need to work on their skills.  Just sayin’.

Then we handed out trophies!

I can honestly say that we have not had that much fun in a long while!  We had such a great time that our friend sent us an e-mail the next day and said he’s planning a Wii party at his house.  I’m already looking forward to it.  After all, I love a good party.

And, a little, friendly competition.


  • ciara

    my hubs bought me a wii cpl xmases ago. i love it. he just asked me the other day what wii game would be fun for the whole family that he could buy as a xmas present for everyone, i was thinking about the wii party after he turned down my idea of just dance 2 lol your post is a great idea. we'll have to do our own sometime :o)

  • BEAN

    It was a GREAT party! What a blast — we immediately ordered Wii Party for Christmas!! Thank you!

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