Keep Your Pants On

posted by Momo Fali on February 28, 2011

Despite the uncertainty that comes with having a child with medical problems, there is always one thing that is constant with my eight year old son.  We never know what he’s going to say or do.

Most recently, this has come in the form of him telling his sister, “I love you!  Sometimes.”  And, let me just tell you how much a 12 year old likes hearing something negative from her brother.  Wait, scratch that.  Let me tell you how much a 12 year old likes hearing anything from her brother.  If I got paid for listening to squabbling, I’d be driving a Bentley.

On one hand, I feel like I always need to be on my toes, but on the other I find myself appreciating the boy’s honesty and lack of couth.  It has to be freeing.

The other night, we had two other couples and six kids at our house when my boy came in the living room to tell me that his leg hurt.  I pulled up his pant leg to his knee, but he complained that the pain was higher.  He didn’t appear to limping or bleeding, so I told him we would look at it when he went to bed.

But, he didn’t want to wait.

Before I knew it, he had turned to face all of our guests as he said, “Hey everybody, this is going to be funny.”  Which is when I saw him reach for his zipper.

One thing I didn’t think I would have to tell my second-grader is that it’s not okay to pull your pants down in public.


  • Tara R.

    He did warn them…

    I like the Bentley idea though. My kids are four years apart, and are only now getting along. They are also more than 2 hours away from each other.

  • Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

    Ah, yes…I’m always AMAZED at the things I have to tell my kids they should NOT do. But you know – he was right!

  • Nicole

    Like you said… he was just trying to be “free”…

  • AlisonH

    Sounds like you stopped him in time.

  • Melisa

    I love that he warned that it was going to be funny. Next thing you know, he’ll be asking you to buy him an “Applause” sign.

  • meleah rebeccah

    Aw. I love your son more and more every time I read about him!

  • UP

    Wow, commando can be tricky!


  • Sarah

    Great story! I keep wondering when the prompts to be socially acceptable (or at least not socially UNacceptable) will no longer be needed. Every trip out requires a litany: look at the person who’s talking to you (yeah, right), answer questions when asked, ask a polite question, and so on. I might have missed the “keep your pants on when company comes even if your leg hurts and you want mom’s attention,” however. I’ll add it to the list.

  • Heather

    I love your kid. He is so precious and I want to keep him and make him mine. PLEASE CAN I KEEP HIM?

    ALSO? It’s gorgeous in here 🙂

    • Momo Fali

      Ha! This isn’t even the good stuff! Wait until my redesign is finished!

  • Patty

    Well, at least now he knows! 🙂 He really is so precious!

  • Amie

    I’m telling ya, he’s a little Duffy…

  • Otter

    He’s awesome. We don’t need no stinkin Pants!

  • Jack@TheJackB

    Maybe he wanted to be more authentic when he sang “Pants on the Ground.”

  • Amy

    I love it! The tree is my favorite.

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