Bon Appetit

posted by Momo Fali on March 20, 2011

The day after the cooking class that I co-hosted, a friend approached me at the kids’ school and said, “I watched part of that cooking show last night.  I turned it on right when the woman said she was supposed to put beef broth in the crock pot, but she didn’t have any so she just used water.  That cracked me up!”

You know why she thought it was funny?  Because who hasn’t been there?  I once had to pick raisins out of cereal so I could use the bran flakes to make meatloaf.  I loved watching real people in their kitchens, succeeding in making a delicious dish for their families despite the hurdles that inevitably stand in the way.

The cooking class with Shannon (Mr. Lady) and Jim Lin (BusyDad) was three parts educational, two parts social and one BIG part hilarious!  I loved being part of it.  Thanks to The Motherhood and ConAgra for including me.

If you missed the show, or if you want to revisit some of the delicious ingredients or amazing techniques (did you see Jim chop that garlic or Shannon pour that Guinness?) you can find what ever you need right here.



  • Moonshadow

    I only caught a little bit of your cooking show, had other things going on at the time. Wish I couldn’ve watched the whole thing.

    In your post above you mention taking the raisins out to use the bran in meatloaf. Why didn’t you just leave the raisins in it? I really like adding craisins to my stews. Try it sometime you might like it. 🙂

  • Jill

    finally got to see the show! loved it! wished i could have participated on the on the night it aired.

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