THIS is the Redesign

posted by Momo Fali on March 4, 2011

Big, huge, mucho thanks to Courtney at Judith Shakes Designs for taking my hodge-podge of ideas and making magic with them (“I like bold, yet feminine.  I want black and white, but color.  I want a one-column sidebar, but then split it in two.  I want ads on my main page, but not on my review page”).

I am the bi-polar of blog design.

The poor woman knew what she was in for because she worked with me on my page a couple of years ago.  And, she still came back. I love her.

And, I love this design!  Isn’t it lovely?  I am so happy to be here.  I hope you are too.


  • WebSavvyMom

    –>Lookin’ good!

  • Burgh Baby

    I *LOVE* it, and not in that “I’m agreeing because it’s the polite thing to do,” but rather in the “I really mean it!” sort of way!

  • Mom Went Crazy

    It looks so great!! Nothing too fancy, but it makes a statement. Pretty

  • Mrs. Kennedy


  • Kristen Howerton

    me likey

  • Hockeymandad

    Very nice!!!

  • Mr Lady

    Mama likey!

  • BEAN

    It IS lovely!!! I’m happy to be here!! It’s so fab … so YOU. Love it!

  • Cris

    Beautiful! Love it:) Did you build in safeties so you can’t edit it 😉 Just teasing!

  • Amy

    Woops, sorry – I put it in the wrong section! Anyway, I Love the new design, especially the tree!

  • Patty

    It’s AWESOME! I love the look!
    Love it! Congratulaitons!

  • Colleen


  • Zak

    Love it, JS is the master.

  • Tara R.

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • UP

    Very nice, I really liked the forget your troubles line however!


  • Lynn @ Walking With Scissors

    Your fonts are so fun! I love a girl with great fonts.

  • amy turn sharp

    it looks fab!!!!! xoxox

  • dysfunctional mom

    Oh, it’s lovely! And it’s still ‘you’.

  • VDog


  • SarahInMI

    I like it a lot!

  • Melisa

    Now DON’T TOUCH!

  • millicent frick

    Love it!!!!

  • Angella

    I love it!

  • Darren W Carter

    Very, very nice! It was worth the wait. Now you won’t be tampering with any theme options are you? Lol!

  • Heather

    LOVE IT! it’s gorgeous!

  • Zoeyjane

    This is beauty.

  • Crazy Princess

    I love it! I am thinking maybe she can help me with my train wreck of a blog. I need some serious TLC and I really enjoy what she did for you. Strong yet feminine, bold yet not too dramatic! She captured your bi-polarness of blogs well. 🙂

  • Wenderly

    LOVE it DI! It looks fantastic just like you!

  • Roxanna


    • Momo Fali

      I have you to thank, you know?! You inspired me at BlogHer10!

  • Amie


  • caryn

    Oh, thank heavens! This one is fabulous! I was thinking “Please tell me she didn’t spend money on this orange thing!” It’s fun to have a new “room” to play in, isn’t it?

    • Momo Fali


  • Kathy

    So glad to see it and you!

  • Liz

    Looks awesome!!!

  • Redneck Mommy

    I love this design so damn much. You hear that Ms. Shakes?? I LOVE IT.

    Well done Momo.

  • Mrs4444

    It’s fantastic! I love it.

  • Dr. Heather

    Yay! Awesome! I contacted her and she’s doing some work for me now, too. Thanks for the tip.

  • Otter

    Looks great!

  • meleah rebeccah

    Oh, I love it Momo. And you’re not bi-polar. The earth is bi-polar. You’re bi-winning.

  • Tom

    VERY nice. I like the color and the simplicity. Inspiring.

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