One of These Things is Not Like the Other

posted by Momo Fali on June 30, 2011

You know how, in the past, I have taken to Twitter after ingesting my Ambien? Well, I haven’t done much of that lately.

Mostly, I’ve been sleep-eating. I think. I woke one morning, not long ago, to find a plate on my nightstand which had clearly held nachos.

But, the last two mornings it appears that I have been spending my evenings grooming myself. Yesterday, all of the toes on my left foot were purple and this morning, I woke to this…

Let’s hope I stay away from the eyebrow wax.

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  • Bitchin' Amy

    That shit scares me. I’m sorry you have to deal with insomnia, but it hardly seems fair that the medication for it should make you have black-outs!

  • Jules

    That would be super funny if it wasn’t a little scary!

  • Danielle

    I’ve been on Ambien for 9 years, so I can totally relate. I’m reading this at the office and laughing really loud. You just rocked my lunch hour.

  • Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]

    My aunt told me she sexts random people on Facebook while she’s on Ambien.

  • C @ Kid Things

    That’s kinda creepy. Funny, but a little creepy. Though the sexting from the comment above might be a little worse.

  • dysfunctional mom

    and the scissors! Holy Crap!

  • Twenty Four At Heart

    And/or bikini wax!

    Can’t wait to seeeeeeeeeeeeee you!! xo

  • SurprisedMom

    My doctor wanted to give me Ambien. I said no. Maybe I should have said yes. I’d have beautiful nails.

  • Amie

    I can’t paint my nails that well when I’m awake…sleepwalk yourself over here and give me a sleep mani/pedi, please.

  • lceel

    I wonder who Angie’s aunt is ….. I need more Facebook friends … anyway … you could get yourself a part-time job as a manicurist. fer realz. You do good work.

  • Tara R.

    If your peeps are as warped as mine, it’s just your kids messing with you while you’re asleep. But, I’d still hide the wax and scissors.

  • Bethany

    Oh my…yea. That would be really funny, but it’s definitely kind of scary! I had a friend who slept walked out of her house, across a busy road and got the mail. So strange. I have a friend who really struggles with sleep issues and she’s always concerned about the side effects of meds 🙁

  • UP

    Gosh, and I wasted that money today on a manicure and pedicure – oh, get over it – when I could have just taken an Ambien.

    What’s UP with that?


  • Heather

    hahaahahha, this makes me love my ambien even more. maybe that’s why i have such nice nails? maybe i’m re-painting them every night in my sleep?

  • Julie

    Um, maybe you should switch meds?? The side effects don’t seem worth the benefits unless it’s just your husband really messing with you! lol

    • Momo Fali

      Have tried everything. Really. It’s been 13 years of insomnia and Ambien really, truly, helps me sleep.

  • KK

    It looks to me like someone is definitely a Buckeye fan. Is that Revlon “Silver Dollar”?

  • mrsmouthy

    I bet your son is totally messing with you. This looks like his work.

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