I’m Hot

posted by Momo Fali on July 7, 2011

The title of this post says it all.

Oh, not like hot, hot…like sweaty hot. All the time.

I have always been this way. Even when I was skinny I didn’t find much use for winter clothes.

This makes working out…well, messy. I run (okay, jog) three times a week and for a long, long time I have worn old t-shirts that could be thrown into the washer with a cup of bleach. There was even one time when my bootcamp instructor saw my shirt that was so drenched with sweat that she called it “disgustingly awesome”.

So, when Jockey asked if I wanted to try their new staycool collection, I was pretty skeptical. I don’t stay cool. Ever.

They sent me lots of different products to try; a reversible tank top, a reversible t-shirt, bikini underwear and modern brief underwear, all with a claim that the technologically advanced fabric (originally developed to absorb body heat for astronauts) would help keep me 3 degrees cooler. My husband and I get into huge arguments about ONE degree on our thermostat. Three degrees is a huge deal.

I tried the underwear first. Again, I was skeptical because without getting too personal, I am really picky about my underwear. Get it? Picky. Okay, there, I got personal anyway.

But, these underwear don’t ride up. Did you read that? Not even while jogging. And, they ARE cool. There was a noticeable difference…ahem…down there.

I wore the reversible tank top next. I spend a lot of time sitting on the side of ball fields during the summer while both of my kids play sports. It gets sunny, hot and humid. I figured that if I ever needed to be 3 degrees cooler, it was on one of those days.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I stayed cool. Like, REALLY. There wasn’t a single, visible mark of sweat on my shirt, despite a blazing sun that left my legs and shoulders quite sunburned. I told my husband that the staycool fabric is “like being in your own skin” and it really is.

Jockey wants you to stay cool too. That’s why THREE lucky winners will receive a coupon code good for one top and one bottom style of Jockey staycool products!

Just leave a comment on this post (with a valid email address) by noon EST on Saturday, July 16th and you will be entered to win! It’s that easy! Three winners will be chosen at random.


I was provided free Jockey staycool products in exchange for this review. I was not instructed what to say and the opinions are all mine.


  • Zak

    Ooh, I totally want to try this, especially the underwear.

  • Jennifer Tucker

    Ok, I’m super intrigued because I’m a serious sweater. It’s bad.

  • Headless Mom

    I’d love to try these. While I’m not much of a sweat-er, I do get unbelieveably hot. Moreso now, thanks to perimenopause. Ugh! (And I don’t know how to spell either, but since it’s my birthday I’m not going to go back and change any of it. Heh.)

  • Kriss

    Ok, I’m in. anything that will keep me cool and dry while I grunt and groan (yes, its true) at the gym at 5am is worth it!!

  • Kori

    Do they have maternity things? Because for all I hold holy, I could use ANYTHING to keep me cooler these days! 🙂

  • WebSavvyMom

    –>I get hot, sweaty and my face turns bright red and stays like that for what seems like hours.

  • ramblin red

    oooh, ooh, ooh, pick me! I run outside all the time and could have totally written this post too! I am totally going to have to look this stuff up.

    Sidenote….I saw your title line on my sidebar, and I instantly started singing, “Sticky sweet, from my head to my feet, yeah, in response. Cuz I love the 80s like that.

  • christy

    Fellow hottie here. Would LOVE to win this!

  • Sarah

    Have you heard the phrase “pitting out”? My runner-sister taught me this. Story of my life. Hahaha!
    I would totally wear this stuff to work- I work at a (HOT + HUMID) paper mill.

  • Barb DAvis

    Sounds like it would be a great product. I workout six days a week and sweat like a “PIG.”

  • Angie Hankinson

    Hmmmmm….now I want to try these! All of my workout gear is digusting…not even a little awesome:)

  • Barb

    I wouldn’t have entered were it not for your “disgustingly awesome” comment – I’ve so been there!

  • Lisa Daly

    I sweat just sitting…with no a/c at home, I need a whole staycool wardrobe!

  • vegas710

    OMG, I’m a sweater too and it can be SO embarrassing! Can’t wait to try out this line of clothing.

  • Mary Garrick

    Can I just say, I LOVE YOU! And I am totally *picky* about my underwear too :o)

  • Lynn @ Walking With Scissors

    I NEED to win this! I left bootcamp last night with boobsweat marks on my shirt and a damp buttprint on the seat of my Santa Fe. Not pretty.

  • Danielle

    You have intrigued me enough to get me to wander out of my reader over my lunch hour. As a seriously sweaty girl (who lives in Vegas), I’m most interested in this product line. I will be investigating where I can purchase these items.

  • Amy

    You are TOTALLY hot. And I am too. I can pit out my shirts in January. In Indiana. And my brother-in-law has SWASS – Sweaty Ass – do they make shorts for men? If so, I am going to get him some for Christmas.

    Rats! They don’t. Maybe I’ll just get him the ladies’ style! 🙂

  • Christina

    I’ve always been a sweaty, sweaty person. It’s embarrassing at times.

    I thought losing weight would result in less sweat for me – ha. I’m just as sweaty as ever, and still don’t want to workout because I hate all of the sweat it generates.

  • Sharon

    I also have the same problem. Though I wonder if this offer is valid in canada…?

  • shelly

    I once spent 30 dollars on runners underwear, and I cannot run without them now. I only have one pair. I run 3-4 times a week. You do the math!! I’m guessing these Jockey drawers are much more affordable, but you know how I like to win your contests!!

  • Krystina

    being pregnant in the summer? yeah, I can use all the cooling effects I can get!

  • Danielle

    I’d love to stay cool during my workouts, I’m just not one of those No Sweat people. It gets messy.

  • Country Girl at Heart

    Oooo, this sounds really cool, hehehe. At the risk of sounding like my father, What will they think of next?

  • Rami

    To be cooler….I’d do anything. I sweat a LOT.

  • Joni

    Wow, so excited to possibly try the “coolest” clothes from Jockey! Momo has a point, if she can stay cool in them, we should think about getting out our Fall wardrobe for summer!

  • lceel

    But MOMO!!!! You ARE hot. As in HAWT, hot. I’m just sayin’. But I’m glad your new undies keep you cool.

  • Crazy Princess

    I could absolutely use products like these! Amazing what technology can do today. 🙂

  • Heather

    I’m not much of a sweater, even after losing weight but sometimes I get SO hot. These sound nice! 🙂

  • merry

    Pick me, pick me!!
    I am sweaty too…

  • Susan

    I also am always HOT!! Most visitors to my home willnot remove their coats! Can’t wait to try these.

  • Caroline

    Since it was already sweltering today at 5 AM, I’m super excited to hear about these products! Pick me, pick me!


  • Amie

    To make my case, I think I need only to remind you of this past 3rd of July party, as we were both trying to cool down our “down theres” by standing legs akimbo in front of the floor fan. I think EVERYBODY at that party would have appreciated it if we were 3 degrees cooler.

  • beth

    I spent 6 months in western Africa 5 years ago, and my sweat glands went into overdrive. Somehow, they never realized that we’re not in Africa anymore, so I could really use this!

  • Joann

    Okay – Sounds really “cool”! Pick me!

  • Smedly

    Wow. I love Jockey Brand. I will have to check out the outlet store near my home to see if they are carrying this revolutionary new product. I too, am hot. Thanks for the heads up

  • Veronica

    I would love to try these at the gym! 3 degrees helps!!

  • Julie L

    http://www.jockey.com/products/Jockey-staycool-Reversible-Tank love to try this thanks

  • Julie L

    Love to win-thanks

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