Gas Giveaways #5 and #6 and a BONUS!

posted by Momo Fali on August 19, 2011

That’s right. This week’s commute better tip post comes with two more gas card giveaways AND a chance to win a commute kit provided by BP!

A few days ago, I had the honor of speaking to a group of Columbus Moms about making commuting more enjoyable with your kids in the car. I don’t drive anywhere for work and I don’t have far to take the kids to school, but my daughter plays golf, volleyball, basketball and softball and my son plays baseball and is involved with Scouts. I drive. A lot.

One thing I can’t do without, is my go-to bag. I take it with me everywhere and keep it in the car whenever possible. It is filled with essentials like bug spray, sunscreen, tissues, wet-wipes, hand sanitizer and snacks. During sports season, I keep a small first aid kit in it as well.

I can’t tell you how many short trips to a drug store we have avoided because I’m prepared for just about anything. And, the other moms know who to come to if they need something. I’m talking to you, Amy.

For long drives, don’t forget the electronics! And, if you have a child who gets motion sickness, I have found that books on tape are great at keeping them occupied without the need to take their eyes off of the road.

Sweatshirts keep young ones warm if mom and dad are cranking the air conditioning and they can double as pillows for sleepy kids.

When I’m driving around town, I keep a hot/cold bag or a cooler with frozen milk jugs inside, so that I can do my grocery shopping while I’m out and I don’t have to make a special trip. I don’t have to fill up my gas tank as often and I can avoid unnecessary wear and tear on my car.

So, which tip would you use most often?

1. Having a container filled with commuting essentials

2. Using electronics or books on tape for long drives

3. Putting frozen jugs of water in a cooler before you run errands so you don’t have to go out of your way to go to the grocery store

Just tell me which tip is your favorite and I will enter you in the drawing for one of  TWO $40 gift cards. AND, a lucky third place winner will get a commute essentials kit from BP. You can earn extra entries by tweeting about this giveaway, then leave your tweet link in a comment on this post. Contest ends Wednesday, August 24th at 5pm Eastern.

Three winners will be chosen at random. Make sure to leave a valid email address, so I can contact you if you win.

Good luck and happy commuting!

*UPDATE* Congratulations to the gas card winners, Lisa and Rachael and to the commute kit winner, Jennifer Marie! Stay tuned for more giveaways!

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  • ascapecodturns

    I definitely love your idea about the to go bag! I was just thinking that I should make one of those the other day (yes, believe it or not!)

  • shelly

    Oh, I already have the to go bag down…I like the cooler idea, though!!

  • Jessica

    My husband and I love to listen to audio books together when we are on long drives! And, while I don’t have a commuter kit per se, I do keep sunscreen and a first aid kit in the car at all times because they always come in handy. I’ve also got bottled water with me everywhere I go, I just don’t put it in a cooler – although with the heat we’ve had in the south lately, that’s a good idea! Thanks for another opportunity to win. 🙂

  • Lisa

    I need the go-to bag! I usually have a bunch of the stuff needed but its strewn all about my car! And I will definitely retweet!

  • Lisa

    Ok, I tweeted the contest and a link, just can’t provide a link to the tweet here!

  • Jayton S.

    The cooler idea is great!

  • Jayton S.

    I tweeted here:!/JSGiveaways/status/104750610053726208

  • Rachael

    I LOVE audio books. I often try to get an audio copy of the book I’m reading so I can listen on long drives. I love being able to “read” while I drive, and it keeps me alert when I’m feeling tired.

  • Nicole

    Audio books while I drive are my favorite when driving to soccer tournaments. I love the cooler idea!

  • Mami2jcn

    I would use tip #1 Having a container filled with commuting essentials.

  • Mami2jcn


  • Jennifer Marie

    I would use tip #2 Using electronics or books on tape for long drives

  • Jennifer Marie


  • Janice Cooper

    I like tip #2. Taking electronics. This will make the long drive more enjoyable.

  • Janice Cooper


  • beth

    I like tip #3. The ability to leave groceries in my trunk while I do other errands is one of the only good things about winter in my opinion!

  • Pam McGlone

    My favorite tip is the container of essentials. What a great idea. I usually have some things in my purse but not everything! I really enjoy your blog and also previously was employed in a school kitchen in a central OH suburb,

  • Danielle

    I need the bag for our van! But I could also use the cooler idea for groceries, I don’t like having to cone home then go back out!

  • Jennifer Marie


  • monstergirlee

    Definitely tip #2 – electronics for long drives, books on tape or an iPod Touch loaded with some games for the kids to play.

    • monstergirlee

      Books on tape – duh, No. books on CD. We don’t have a cassette in our car.

  • Frelle

    Books on tape would be the tip I would use! Thanks for tweeting about the giveaway tonight!

  • moosh in indy.

    The container full of commuting essentials. And baby essentials. Guess who runs out of diapers all the time? Me. That’s who.

  • chickhuber

    MP3 books! That’s a great idea. My daughter isn’t one to listen to talk or news radio. I’ve got a couple of long classics I really want us to enjoy together. Awsomesauce!

  • Jennifer Marie

    daily tweet!!/JenniferCNP/status/106155748437921792

  • Jennifer Marie

    daily tweet!!/JenniferCNP/status/106332698641051648

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