Thermostat Battles

posted by Momo Fali on October 3, 2011

And, so it begins.

A few days ago, the weather turned colder. This is the time of year when I dread walking outside because the wind bites, the sky is gray and we have two enormous trees that make one, big mess. You have never seen a run on lawn bags, until you’ve see us hit the hardware store.

Things inside the house aren’t much better. That biting wind? That’s the same thing that comes out of my husband’s mouth when he sees I’ve changed the thermostat again.

This morning, amid the sound of my son’s chattering teeth, I saw that my husband had set the heat at 65F. See how I put that “F” there? That’s for mah Canadian peeps. Holla! Oh, sorry. Holla, eh?

Now, if we lived in Canada, maybe 65F would be a heat wave, but here in Ohio I was just getting used to the 90F, August days, with humidity so high you could boil pasta, when September came along with her…fall weather. Shudder.

After I saw the thermostat setting, I did what any good wife would do; I turned up the heat behind my husband’s back and hoped he wouldn’t notice. That lasted…oh, about an hour, and 45 of those 60 minutes we weren’t even home.

Last night, after I protested, I got him to crank that baby to 67F. Then, I donned a short-sleeved shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, socks, pants, a heavy sweatshirt and a blanket.  I was finally comfortable.

That is, until my husband brought me a glass of his homemade wine. I took three sips and I started sweating. Clearly, I have found the solution to lower heating bills.

Drink more wine.


  • Trina @ Walking With Scissors

    I went to my old pal Google and converted your wacky American measurements to celcius. I’m right with you on this one. 65F is too cold. I keep my house at 22C during the day (I’ll let you look that one up because I’m nice like that). Eh.

  • Varda (SquashedMom)

    I hear ya! I like to be warm. Being warm blooded and all.

    We live in a New York City apartment with no control over the heat. It comes up in the radiators and it is just ON once it get cold.since we’re on a lower floor and it has to get up to the top floor where some crotchety old people live? It’s on HIGH all the time. So you would think “no problem.” But no.

    The problem? Husband is a big fan of “fresh air.” Even when that air is 0 degrees. All our windows are open, at least a crack, ALL WINTER LONG. (Except when I close them and claim “the kids were cold.”)

  • Deb

    Aaahhh yes! The dreaded Thermostat Wars! Known in homes everywhere heehee! Wine and other nice beverages with alcohol DO help!! I go one step farther and warm my drinks up, then I’m even warmer! Not to mention, I am home with the thermostat way more than my husband, I LOVE THAT!!

  • MommyTime

    Ah, yes. We have those too. Ours goes down to 62 at night, and up to a balmy 68 during the early morning and dinner times. It sits at 64 during much of the day “when no one is home.” No one except me, that is, working my home office. But I hate to heat the whole house for my one room, so I close the door, crank the heat for half an hour to get it toasty in there, and drink lots of coffee while wearing snuggly sweaters. It could be worse. We could be penguins.

  • OldDogNewTits

    Appreciate your cold snaps, ladies. Down here in sweaty New Orleans, we are still running the freakin’ A/C. And THAT’S a war. As much as we girls get cold, the guys get hot. My husband has been known literally to emit steam from his skin when he’s overheated in the summertime. (Yes. Of COURSE, I think it’s gross.) I can’t wait to break out the snuggie and my new hot toddy mix. 🙂

  • Amie

    On the bright side, we now have a few months’ reprieve from having to stand with our lady parts at box fan level…

  • Jamie

    Today was the first day we turned on the heat. The kids were screaming from their beds….I am not really sure it worked. It came on all gangbusters then kind of petered out. I can’t tell you how much I love fall, but dread the colder weather coming. Good luck with the wine.

  • moosh in indy.

    Oh how I love it cold in my house as long as I don’t have to move from underneath a blanket. Unfortunately this year I have this baby I’m going to have to keep warm. Sheesh.

    Money pit, those babies.

  • maggiemoo

    Ha! I live in Ohio too, and we just turned on the furnace this weekend for the first time. I left the house and my husband cranked it to 68! I came back and bumped it down to 65. And on and on.. As asinine as it sounds, the colder it gets outside, the lower I keep it set, so the furnace won’t kick on. We have propane, and it is SO DAMN EXPENSIVE!

  • Melisa

    Problem solved!

    I have to say that I really (honestly) enjoy sitting on my couch, all curled up in a blanket. It’s when I walk around the house that I need the thermostat set higher. Luckily Jim and I don’t really have those issues. But I’m thinking I might drink more wine anyway.

  • Tara R.

    Hopefully we won’t turn our furnace on until November. I keep cranking up the AC (to 78F) because it’s too cold in our house, and I still wrap up in blankets. Maybe I should drink more wine too.

  • pam davis

    Your Dad & I prefer a cooler internal temperature, never above 62-65 degrees & try not to turn on furnace until November. Funny how people’s body temperatures can differ!We haven’t had a blanket on our bed in years: They say it is healthier to sleep in a cooler enviroment!

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