Day 11 – The Mini Horror

posted by Momo Fali on November 11, 2011

I think I’ve done one laundry post in over four years and now I’ve done two in the last week.

Make that three.

Look what I did to my poor 12 year old daughter’s leggings (remote thrown into the picture for perspective).

Anyone have a one year old? Or, a doll? Preferably with one leg shorter than the other.

On the bright side, they smell good! Don’t forget to enter my giveaway from BlogHer and Bounce! You could win a Bounce Dryer Bar and a $50 Visa gift card!


  • Melisa

    Um, oops? Maybe you can use them this winter to keep LucyDaisy warm.

  • Headless Mom

    This is what NaBloPoMo does to us. Reduces us to posts about laundry. And cats.


  • AlisonH

    Are they wool? Soak in tepid water that has hair conditioner mixed into it. Then stretch it out as much as you can to the shape and size you want. You can’t undo all wool felting, but sometimes you can undo some. Good luck!

  • Bethany


    And yep, I agree with Headless Mom. Darn NaBloPoMo!

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