Day 12 – Special Needs Sibling Saturday

posted by Momo Fali on November 12, 2011

Today I have a guest post up at Squashed Bologna.

Varda, aka Squashed Mom, hosts a wonderful series called Special Needs Sibling Saturdays where she gives kids, like my daughter, a place to be heard; a place where being the sibling of a special needs child isn’t different, it’s typical.

Come see me over there!


  • Jim W

    I read it. At first I was thinking Varda executed some c&p mishap, and I thought go me! Two weeks in a row!

    Good post, I know that it’s probably too much to hope for that my older daughter will continue with my younger daughter as wonderfully as she began…but here’s hoping!

  • Jenny from Mommin' It Up

    Great post, Momo. Sophie has some special needs, that we’ve spent the last 13 months working on and I had a tough year adjusting to how much more attention I had to give her than I gave Joshua…then I had another baby…poor Joshua got the short end of the stick this year. But he handled it pretty well, I mean, I am sure I scarred him for life but I won’t know it for awhile yet. Ha ha. But really – great post and I am glad to have found Varda’s blog too!

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