Day 13 – Rising Above

posted by Momo Fali on November 13, 2011

I was all set to log on here tonight and say that I was giving up on this project. I’m tired…exhausted really…more mentally than physically and was doubting myself a lot. I sat here and cried and wondered why I had chosen to take this on when I can barely keep up with my other responsibilities.

A friend and I climbed to the top of a ridge in southern Ohio yesterday. It was the best feeling I’ve had in a long time. I got scratched by thorns and the steep ascent left me out of breath. At one point I slipped and fell. It felt so good when we got to the top, though, and we watched the sun set through the bare trees. Sometimes, you just have to climb above the fray and be still.

Of course, deep down, I really know why I took on this month-long, writing exercise. I know that when life pushes me down, I can come here to be uplifted. I know that when my soul feels crushed, I can write until it no longer hurts to draw a breath.

Those trees are stronger than I am; able to face the cold with their naked limbs reaching toward the sky. They wait to be renewed by the warmth of spring and only the weak ones will break under the pressure of ice and brisk winds of winter.

I am not as hardy. I am weak because I am human.

But, I find strength in words.


  • Rima


  • Varda (SquashedMom)

    You are not weak because you are human, you are human because you are human. And a strong, beautiful human, at that. A loving mother. A writer.

    Thank you for these words: “Sometimes, you just have to climb above the fray and be still.” something I need to remember, at time like these. I love your words. I love you.

    • Frelle

      Yes exactly. What Varda said πŸ™‚

  • Frelle

    I’m so glad you came to write about your hike, and speak what was on your heart. It hurts to know that you were crying earlier, I reached out because I could tell you were in pain. I’m learning from people like you how to come to my blog and write my heart out without giving details, but to share what’s happening inside in some way. You did a wonderful job with that tonight, and I’m grateful for the privilege to read your words. Sending you endurance and comfort tonight, contentment, and strength. Love you, Momo.

  • Melisa

    I love you.

    • Momo Fali

      I love you, too! Thank you for understanding me.

      • Melisa

        Well, I never said I understood you.


        I do.

        Still love you, Wisp-y.

  • Stacy

    You arent weak because you’re human, as Varda says, but I say you are HUMAN because you are weak, and vulnerable, open. And that is actually where the beauty of our humanity lies, in knowing we are smaller than all around us–smaller than those trees–and uet, we are so, so lucky to have the gifts of consciousness that can lead to pain. Your words are so beautiful and true, proof that the dark is just the shadow of the light. And as humans, we must live both places. Hugs to you, Momo. Remember, you are divine!

    • Momo Fali

      Stacy, you made me cry. Thank you.

  • Redneck Mommy

    Oh Momo.

    Your words are beautiful. And much needed to read tonight. Everyone needs to remember to climb above the fray and be still. Me especially, tonight. xo

  • Stacy @bklynstacy

    I also left all my $%#& iPhone typos in there to make you smile. You know my struggles. : )

  • Millicent


  • SurprisedMom

    You give strength to others with your words.

  • BusyDad

    Momo, you are superhuman. The Momo McDLT. Your hot side is hot and your cool side is cool. And I make no sense, as usual. Just be my ducking fave and call it a day.

  • Amanda

    Understanding where you can find clarity or relief is such an incredible gift. Good on you for pushing toward it no matter how arduous it seems.

  • meleah rebeccah

    Momo, this was such a beautiful post. You are one of the strongest, amazing, women [and writer] I’ve ever known.

  • Loukia

    I loved reading this. I find strength in words, too. You? Are an amazing writer.

  • Karen

    I wish I had your gift with words. You are truly a gifted writer. I hope you continue to find the strength to continue with your blog, and I hope it helps you as it is helping others (like me).
    Thank you.

  • Jessica R

    So funny. I came to your blog today and was sad that I HADN’T attempted NaBloPoMo. I could use the incentive to blog every day and the unspoken permission that that post could be about anything.
    Instead I keep staring at my blog and drawing blanks. I’ve been blogging about such deep stuff recently, I can’t seem to bring myself back to where I was. Nablo would have been the perfect way to get back to it.

    That said, last time I did Nablo I got a bit crazy and did 365 days… so uh… I don’t recommend that!

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