Day 17 – Big Girl

posted by Momo Fali on November 17, 2011

I am a big girl.

There is no side-stepping the issue. I love chocolate, beer and bread. I am also 5’10”, wear a size 11 shoe and have hands that only a Globetrotter would love.


Last night, we were watching an episode of Survivor when my husband spied a young, blond woman and innocently said, “She’s cute.”

I gave him a look, innocent or not.

“Cute” is not a word that has ever described me. I don’t want to hear him saying it about someone else.

As my husband tried to backpedal, our 12 year old daughter came to his defense, but if I have never heard anyone call me “cute” I’ve, for sure, never heard anyone say this…

“Mom, he didn’t mean cute, like pretty! He meant cute, like petite.”


  • Julie G

    Hooray for hot girls with big feet & hands…lol..
    I wear size 11 and got big hands too..
    I once had a boyfriend say…bigger the feet the sweeter the meat…LOL…
    Embrace it!!

  • Amie

    I think that cancels out the roses…

  • Melisa

    You’re still beautiful, and I often find you adorable.

    And your teeth? SO WHITE. It’s all the wisping.

  • Trina @ Walking With Scissors

    Honey, from one 5’10” girl to another, you may not be cute “petite” but you are ABSOLUTELY cute “pretty”. And don’t you ever believe otherwise!!

  • Zak

    I feel your pain.

    I haven’t been petite since the fourth grade.

  • Jamie

    5″9′ and a half, happy to meet you 5″10″. Actually I’m not sure I’m not officially 5’10” since I have a perpetual slouch developed from the teen-I-wish-was-a-tiny-cheerleader years. I don’t think I’ve ever fully stretched out while being measured. I just wrote a guest post about this v. issue. Too funny. I’ve made peace with never being the petite one. At least now I’m too busy with other things to think on it. I’ve got a very petite daughter who wants to be tall. Go figure.

  • Rhea

    That just negated all the points he won for doing laundry. :o) Men, sometimes they just don’t get it. *shaking my head*

  • UP

    I’ve never liked the word cute. There was a lady where I worked before, who would tell me I looked cute. I wanted to smack the shit out of her, but it would have made a terrible mess, and that would have been fun, but not cute!

    Cute is not good!


  • Headless Mom

    I’m so with you. Never been cute, of either variety.

    The worst comment EVER from my husband though was when he told me I had to keep getting fake nails because I had MAN HANDS. Thanks, asshole.

  • Tracy

    My husband tried to come on to me the other night and paused to ask if he could tweeze the long hair that was growing out of my NECK. There was no sexy time after that. Stupid men.

  • Okie Girl @ Home

    Men aren’t as smart as women. Some know it, some don’t. Use the comment to your advantage. Smile and remind him lovingly about it when you go shopping for something really expensive.

  • Misty

    ha ha ha… SOOOO much better!

  • Kate Coveny Hood

    Oh no! That is too funny. She’ll get it when she turns thirteen.

  • IlinaP

    As a five foot tall 43 old woman, I hate being called “cute.” I think that word is meant for toddlers and shoes (as in “cute kid” or “Egads, what a cute pair of heels!”.

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