Day 22 – Busted

posted by Momo Fali on November 22, 2011

My son has been sick for over a week. I took him to the doctor on Saturday and he was diagnosed with pneumonia (again) and a sinus infection (he is prone to them, even with a sinus rinse every day). Sigh.

Because he is also prone to gagging, the congestion and post-nasal crud he has can cause vomiting in a split second. One drip in the wrong spot down his throat and he’s heaving.

Since my new, amaze-bed has an adjustable base, he’s been sleeping with me and his dad for the last week. We can prop the head of the mattress up with the push of a button…you know, so his crud can drip properly and I don’t have to wash vomit-laden sheets. You’re welcome.

So, yeah…he’s been in our bed. Oh, hey, have I ever mentioned that I’m an insomniac?

He’s finally improving, but having him in my bed, just inches from my face, with his sinus-infected snoring and feverish shivering, plus the fact that bacterial infections are always scary for us, means that I haven’t had much sleep in the last seven nights. I’m exhausted. Talk to me wrong and I’ll burst into tears. Just try it.

This morning, my almost-teen daughter came downstairs to find me staring into space and sipping my coffee with one of our dogs, Daisy, next to me on the couch. I had just seen my reflection a few minutes prior. It wasn’t pretty. Let’s just say there was some epic bed-head going on.

My daughter sat down on the couch and asked, “Are you tired?”

I replied, “Yeah. I’m beat. Your brother has been keeping me awake, so last night I tried to sleep in his bed, but it’s all springy, which is fine when you’re 45 pounds, but I AM SO NOT 45 pounds. I’ll be drinking coffee all day to stay awake and tonight? Well, tonight he has to go back to his room no matter what. I have GOT to get some sleep!”

A few minutes passed. I watched the news, sipped more coffee and we both petted Daisy, who was still laying between us on the couch.

Then Daisy yawned.

And, my daughter again asked, “Are you tired?”

This time I replied, “Wait, when you asked me earlier if I was tired, were you talking to the dog?”

Yeah, that’s right.

She’s so lucky that I didn’t burst into tears.


  • Loukia

    I don’t want to laugh… but that is kind of funny! I’m sorry your son is sick – speedy recovery! My oldest son had pneumonia when he was three, but he had a SEVERE case and was in the children’s hospital for two weeks… IV’s, oxygen masks, and then he needed surgery in his lung to drain fluid… and then a chest tube for four days. Nightmare of my life? Yes, yes it was. He made a full recovery, but every time either one of my children get sick, I worry like you would not believe. Hate when children are sick, so much!

  • meleah rebeccah

    Sorry, Momo – but I am CRACKING UP over this!

  • UP

    Sometimes, talking to the dog is the best way to get your message across to every one else in the room.


  • AlisonH

    But it would have been okay if you had.

    And sometimes kids talk to the dog as a way of talking to the parent without getting caught at it. Sort of. It’s okay.

  • Judy

    Have you tried to give your son honey. It’s antibacterial and it may help to give him some at night. Maybe a teaspoon full. My son used to spend his life in the doctors office. He had bronchits all the time. He is grown now and honey is always at his house.He eats it on toast.

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