Day 23 – Thankful

posted by Momo Fali on November 23, 2011

To make it easier on myself (and, oh my, for anyone who is actually reading this blog on Thanksgiving) I will be listing items for which I am thankful…with a twist. These items won’t be generalizations, but rather, specific to today.

Today, I was thankful for:

1. Ibuprofen

2. Blue Sky

3. The WaterPik SinuSense (This is a battery-operated sinus rinse that I got for free at the BlogHer ’11 conference and you would not believe what it got out of my son’s head today. They’re not paying me to talk about them, but I SAW the sinus infection come out of his nostril, onto a tissue and it was kind of amazing. I’m not kidding. After days of yellow globs, during multiple sinus rinses a day, tonight a thick green PLUG came out. You’re welcome.)

4. Caffeine

5. The mailman (Is there anything better than having Christmas presents delivered to your door?)

6. My iPhone

7. The ability to walk, without pain or disability

8. Our church

9. Sleepytime tea (counteracts #4)

10. A gas stove

11. My readers! Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Paige from Ohio

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!
    I LOVE sleepytime tea!!!
    Hope all are well.

  • Nisha

    I’m Nisha from south africa I found your blog on love that max we don’t celebrate thanksgiving here but I do keep a gratitude journal check it out

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