Day 25 – Getting (Not) Ready for Santa

posted by Momo Fali on November 25, 2011

All right, Santa we’re ready for you. Bring it.

But, if you could wait until we get the tree skirt down so that the bubble wrap is covered, that would be great. We’re using that to keep the tree from sliding around.

Also, my son is quite concerned about you getting hurt because our chimney needs to be rebuilt, but the estimate is $7,000 for a repair from the roof up or $15,000 for a completely new chimney. Maybe you could use the front door this year. And, next. Also, the year after that.

My son’s stocking holder is broken, so please don’t put anything too heavy in there or it will come crashing to the floor. You should wear your steel-toed boots just in case.

The outside Christmas lights turn on with a switch near the front door. If you do turn them on, listen for a “pop” and then make sure a fire hasn’t started in the wall. Thanks.

Oh, and I ate all of the cookies.


  • FireMom


    We don’t have a chimney. And as we look at new homes, it’s the first thing my firefighter looks at for safety issues and, so far, they’re all a bust. Eep. So we have to explain that Santa uses a lot of freaking magic to get inside.


  • Jamie

    The bubble wrap made me laugh. I’m impressed. Our problem with the outdoor lights is if I string too many together a fuse blows. (11 strings will do it.) Then I get the joy of trying to figure out which one blew.

  • Rhea

    Ha! Love it.

  • Okie Girl @ Home

    Falalalala La…. la.. la. la…………..

    I enjoy your zany posts very much.

  • meleah rebeccah

    well, at least your tree looks awesome!

  • anymommy

    I love it. And I’m certain Santa can handle all of it.

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