Day 27 – My Favorite Things 2011

posted by Momo Fali on November 27, 2011

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I would share some of my favorite products. If you’re looking for gift ideas, this is a good place to start. I wasn’t compensated by any of these companies and all of these items were purchased by me, for me. (Or, in the case of the pillow, by my husband, for me…so that he wouldn’t have to listen to me complain about my stiff neck anymore.)

1. Keen Coronado Shoes

Not since I had nice legs and platform heels, in 1993, have I received as many compliments on a pair of shoes. Plus, they are so comfortable! Fair warning, they took a few days to break in, but once the back of the shoe softened a little bit, they were perfect. I wear them every, single day.

2. Williams Sonoma Corkscrew

This is a newer model than the one I own, but it looks the same in design and price. Mine is a well-crafted, sturdy, mid-level priced corkscrew that gets a lot of use. Ahem. Simply the best corkscrew I have ever used.

3. Fleece scarf from Old Navy

If I’m going to wrap something around my neck, I want it to be soft. Plus, this scarf is so inexpensive that you can buy one in every color and pattern without breaking the bank.

4. Lands End fleece jacket

Speaking of soft…this is like wrapping yourself in clouds. It also keeps you warm and can be, easily, machine washed.

5. Stainless-steel tub (this one is from Target, but you can get them just about anywhere)

These tubs are a stylish way to ice down drinks for guests, hold firewood next to your fireplace or roll up blankets for storage in your family room. Everything looks good when displayed in one!

6. Running skirt from Athleta

Sure, you’ll need some tights under this for winter, but once spring comes, you can wear it alone. I have three words for you…Doesn’t. Ride. Up.

7. Symmetry Candleholders from Partylite

It’s a vase! It’s a pillar holder! Its contents can change with the season (seashells, pine cones, Christmas ornaments, lemons)! If you fancy versatility, this candleholder is for you.

8. Tempur-Pedic pillow

You know how some people take their pillow with them when they go out of town? I used to make fun of them until I got this. It’s amazing. The end.

9. Logitech wireless mouse

My hand touches this mouse more than any other thing throughout the day. My job would take me four times as long if I used the built in mouse on my laptop. At least.

10. Flavored vodka

Tasty, no-carb and low-calorie, these vodkas make the perfect mixer with your favorite diet soda or low-sugar juice. My favorite? Blueberry vodka, diet-Fresca and a splash of grape juice. Mmm…

As a matter of fact, I think one of those drinks is calling me right now.

Happy shopping, everyone!


  • Melisa

    Shut up with that adorable running skirt.

    I also just got a new pillow (not that one), and have a post in draft about it. It’s amazing how something like that makes a diff, no?

    By the way, I hope you’re sending me some flavored Vodka.

  • meleah rebeccah

    these are all great gift ideas. And I *heart* my Tempur-Pedic pillows!

  • Misty

    ok… you should have put the vodka first… yum… and those shoes- adorable!

  • Zak

    You had me at vodka.

  • Always Home and Uncool

    I’ll get you the tub if you get me all the beer inside it. Deal?

  • Miss Britt

    I have that mouse and love it, too!

    I have that pillow on my Christmas list.

  • carmen

    I’m thinking I need to invest in the Tempur-pedic pillow, now that I have the bed.

    And that blueberry vodka combo? I’m thinking TONIGHT.

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