Day 6 – Getting Worldly

posted by Momo Fali on November 6, 2011

Although we live in the city, there isn’t a whole lot of diversity in my neighborhood. The Ohio State University isn’t far away and there is an array of color and culture there, but I don’t make a habit of letting my kids walk around Big Ten campuses. Maybe MAC, but not Big Ten.

So yesterday afternoon I carted the kids off to the International Festival. We ate Chinese food (but, only because I didn’t see the Mediterranean booth, no offense to the fried-rice), we watched Irish, Indian, African and Russian dancers and looked at art and crafts from around the world.

Then my daughter and I got henna tattoos.

I have always wanted a little, teeny-tiny tattoo and I’m pretty sure that henna is the gateway drug of body art. I love this design on the inside of my wrist.

Even if it does closely resemble my living room rug.


  • Amanda

    haha! It totally does look like your rug, but it’s adorable. And you should totally take the plunge and get a tattoo!

  • Anna Hettick

    lol yes yes it does resemble your rug but since I happen to love those types of flowery, scrolly, flourishy, leafy prints I say it’s cool. =) Loving this once a day posting by the way!

  • Misty

    Rug or no rug, it’s beautiful!

  • Rhea

    I’ve always wanted a tiny tattoo also, and I do think henna is a nice way to try it out. I like your term, “gateway drug of body art.”

    International festivals are fun! What a good idea to get the kids out and about and see other cultures. :o)

  • meleah rebeccah

    HA! That totally looks like your rug. But it is pretty.

  • AlisonH

    Love it! And yes, it sure does.

    No tattoos for my wrist–I made my own at seven years old when I went through the neighbor’s window right-handed first.

  • Donna C.

    I got a henna tattoo once at the local fair…. I think she did it with her dominant hand tied behind her back because it was terrible and looked nothing like the picture I pointed out in the book. It was a simple leaf chain design and really how hard can that be?! I should have just done it myself but it was her booth hehe I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo but I’m afraid of needles! Plus, the way I change my mind about things I’d probably wish I could change it at some point. I better just stick to temporary tattoos and painting my nails a different color every couple of days.

  • Laurie

    Yes, gateway drug of body art. šŸ˜‰

    When you decide to get one let me know. I’ll make that the weekend I visit Columbus. šŸ˜‰

  • Jessica

    I love henna tattoos! I’m too afraid of the real thing – the pain and the permanence. I could never choose something so permanent and know I would love it forever. (I’ve tried. lol) Henna lets you have the fun of a tattoo that you can enjoy while it lasts and then next time, get something else!

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