I Worry About Algebra

posted by Momo Fali on December 7, 2011

My daughter brought home a poem today that she wrote about herself.

I am energetic and creative.

I wonder how many stars there are.

I hear the wind blowing.

I see the sun glowing.

I want to travel the world.

I am energetic and creative.

I pretend to always know what I’m talking about.

I touch the grass.

I worry about money.

I say God Bless America.

I dream of going to Stanford.

I hope to have a good future.

I am energetic and creative.

From this I can gather three things of which I was not previously aware. First, when she says, “I know what I’m talking about” I will no longer believe her and, second, we need to not discuss money problems in front of the kids.

Third, my heart broke a little when she said, “…Stanford.” I have never imagined her anywhere but right here, at Ohio State.

Because if she leaves town in six years, who the heck is going to help her brother with his 9th grade math homework?


  • Sarah

    I promise that if she goes to Stanford, I’ll do the Algebra tutoring 🙂

    • Momo Fali

      That’s a deal, Sarah!

  • Tara R.

    You are such a good mom! I love your revelations from your daughter’s wonderful poem.

  • Debbie

    Very rarely do I respond to anything, but that poem went straight to my heart. Be proud that you are her mom!!

  • Melisa

    I LOVE that poem.

    Can’t I have her? PLEASE???

  • A Morning Grouch

    Beautiful and honest.

  • Anne

    Hello “Momo”. Just found your blog. Love it. Love your dtr’s poem.
    Looking forward to exploring more later, but bye for now!

  • Sarah

    I love this! They have Skype for homework (or probably something even better) should she go to Stanford!

  • AlisonH

    I could show her where I saw Chelsea ditching her Secret Service agents on her bike at full speed, and the redwoods, and take her to lunch when she’s homesick, and…! Go Stanford! Send her here!

  • sassymonkey

    Maybe she’s buttering you up. I originally told my mother that I wanted to go to school on the other side of the country. Then when I decided to go to a different school that was only halfway across the country she was THRILLED.

  • UP

    Maybe the money worry will convince her to remain a Buckeye!!

    I went there, what a week that was!


  • Misty

    We fall guilty of talking about money in front of our kids too… and then, when Gen had to have a new outfit for band she says “it’s expensive, can i just borrow something.” and I felt like I was stabbed…

    Six years for us too… Oh man. only in 6 years we will be empty nesters (and probably grandparents from either our son or our oldest daughter) and i will only be 41… YUCK!

  • Jessica

    What an awesome “moment” for you and your daughter.

  • Sugar Jones

    YYou’re daughter sounds amazing. Sounds like she had a good mom. Maybe you can adopt me! I promise not to go to Stanford!

    PS: I love that she said Stanford and not *gasp* Cal. 😉

  • San Diego Momma

    It’s always so illuminating to read our kids’ writing, and to realize what’s on their minds, how they see the world, themselves, and us.

    According to my daughter’s Thanksgiving class poem, she is thankful that I “clean all the time,” and “spend all day on the computer.”

    Passive aggressive much? 🙂

  • The Crafty Wify

    Love the poem!
    Wish I live nearby or I’ll tutor your son with Algebra!
    <<< Crafty Wify from central IA

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