Wasabi Gumball Review

posted by Momo Fali on January 14, 2012

If you recall, I had a little experience in Manhattan a few months ago with some prominent bloggers and the former Editor in Chief of Redbook Magazine, Stacy Morrison, wherein I made myself look like a bumpkin in a sushi restaurant. Stacy is now the Editor in Chief of BlogHer, which not only makes her my colleague, but also the colleague with whom I bonded over flaming nostrils.

Stacy sent me a package the other day and this is a video of my son sampling what I received. Before you go commenting and telling me that I’m an evil mother, you should know that I tested it first. I also believe in letting my kids try new things, because you never know if they’ll like it. Unless, of course, that new thing is bourbon.


  • Desiree Eaglin

    His face as he realizes how hot they are is just priceless!

  • Lisa Daly

    He is SOOOOO CUTE!

  • Stacy @bklynstacy

    Love it love it love it! Oh, he’s so dang cute. What a sweetie pie! His face is pure perplexion: “hmm, this is, okay, yeah, fine, well, now a little hotter, hmm, strange and kind of earthy, but still appealing and sweet and, hmm, bzzzzzzzzt….” xoxo Momo! So fun!

  • Varda (SquashedMom)

    I’ll never forget the look on your face as it slowly registered that it WASN’T avocado you’d just eaten a big gob of. And now I have the look on your son’s face as the true burn of the wasabi gets to him, to add to that, too. Priceless!

  • meleah rebeccah

    I cannot even handle how funny & adorable this is!

  • Heather

    Awww, his little face is so cute when he starts to realize that they aren’t NORMAL gumballs! hahahahhahahaha. PRECIOUS!

  • lceel

    There is just the slightest edge of panic in the word “medium”. Hilarious. Poor kid. I hope you had some bourbon for him to wash it down – or perhaps some milk.

  • Lulu

    I had the same experience years ago with wasabi; at a corporate lunch meeting. I almost called 911. Love the apprehensive look in your son’s face LOL I gobbled up the wasabi thinking it was guacamole too and my mouth was on fire.

  • Ally

    He is a TRUE good sport! Even when he realizes it’s hotter than he thought, we get a “medium” as he tries not to overreact! Love it!

  • Michelle

    Oh his face. He is so precious! What a sweet kid. I’m guessing I know what happened after the “medium” response? I’m impressed though. Mister Man freaks out over anything even remotely FLAVORful, let alone spicy.

    PS I had the same thing happen. Or close. I ate a piece of wasabi thinking it was avocado. I coughed and it went up my nose where it lodged and stayed there until it dissolved. It sucked. Sucked.

  • BusyDad

    The boy understands that one must make certain sacrifices as the child of a blogger. When duty called, he answered. I salute him!

  • weaselmomma

    I think that bourbon might have actually have helped cool his mouth down nicely. 🙂

  • Ellen Spielberg

    i thought I was the only one stupid enough to make that mistake!
    Several weeks ago I thought wasabi as avocado at a local Japanese restaurant. Needless to say, I realized the mistake instantly and spat the offender out! I blame it on low lighting!
    PS Your son was brave! Braver than my youngest or I would have been!

  • Michelle McCort

    “medium” so cute!!!

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