Boy Meets Pioneer Woman

posted by Momo Fali on March 25, 2012

My nine year old son is good at making fast-friends, especially with adult women who tend to think he’s younger than he is. His personality combined with the stature of a five year old give off an aura of charm and vulnerability that men three times his age wish they could evoke.

He’s slick, I tell you. I took him to Urgent Care on Saturday and in under 30 minutes he had been given three different frozen treats by three different nurses and then he got one for the road. He worked the rooms so well they were practically throwing Flavor-Ice at him

So, I have to admit that his behavior was shocking when Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman, came to town last week. If you don’t know Ree, she is a NY Times best-selling author, host of her own Food Network show, amazing photographer, home-schooler and blogger. She’s also smart, funny, pretty, generous and kind. I hate her a little bit.

Oh, okay…that’s not true. I hate her a lot. Oh, okay…that’s not true either. I love her! And. So. Does. My. Kid.

Although I assured my son that she is a friend of mine and a regular person through-and-through, when I told him she was in town for a book signing and he was going to get a chance to meet her, he got a little star-struck.

Honestly, I should have known. He loves Ree’s Food Network show so much that he actually talks to her as if she is in the corner of our living room. He smiles at the screen, he giggles, he swoons. On the day of their meeting, he came out of school yelling about going to see her and said that he was going to run from the car and give her a hug. When we arrived at the book store, he hurried to the back room where she was waiting…

And, then he hid behind my leg.

He slowly crept out, but wouldn’t dare look at her. I don’t know if he was smitten or scared, because the only other time I’ve seen him look like this was on a first grade field trip to the zoo when his teacher told him not to make eye contact with the gorillas.

But, Ree knew how to bring out the flirt in him. “Aw shucks, Ree!”

When he finally decided that he was ready for a hug, he prepared for it by creating a decent distance between the two of them, then running and jumping into her arms. That’s my boy. Dramatic much?

I bet if she had Flavor-Ice, she would have been tossing it in his direction.


  • Anne (@notasupermom)

    That is fully adorable. He is quite an accomplished flirt with an eye for the ladies!

    I have one of those. Prepare yourself.

  • HouseofJules

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenna Consolo

    Precious! Look at the light in that boy’s face! What a darling! And I’m jealous that he got to meet (and you know!) Ree! She’s awesome!

  • monstergirlee

    Love it! What a super cutie pie, yay. Thanks for the smile.

  • Vicki

    Wow…so darn cute!!

  • Melisa

    He just gets cuter and cuter. Those pictures are priceless!

  • ascapecodturns

    I would mail him some flavor-ice if I didn’t think it would melt by the time it got there! Too cute!

  • Wenderly

    So glad I got to meet the sweetheart IRL! I’ll send you those photos soon!

  • Rhea

    Love. Love. Love. Very sweet!

  • Bon

    that looks like the best hug. also, if i ever meet Ree, i now know what to do. 🙂

  • Dee Dee

    Heart Warming Story! Thanks for sharing. Great Pics too!BTW what recipe did you make that your husband thought was the best thing he’s ever eaten? lol

    • Momo Fali

      Her sesame noodles from the new cookbook. Delicious!

  • Jenny

    Oh man, that’s the best.

  • Lori Luna

    OMG, I might die of cute overload.

  • Pam McG from Ohio

    What great pictures! He is oozing with adoration for Ree. I was there too and saw the two of you sitting on the floor watching Ree’s presentation and I had hoped to meet you. I had my 9 year old granddaughter with me who also adores Ree and she would have loved to have met your son! But before I knew it you were gone! I too started out working in the kitchen at a school and now work in the special ed dept of a suburban school district in Columbus, OH. I really enjoy your blog! Both you and Ree bring so much joy to your readers! I’ll have to make the sesame noodles!

  • Bad Momma

    How cool!

  • Doris

    Look at that smile!!!
    Made me smile!!!

  • meleah rebeccah

    I cannot get over his expressions. These are BEYOND cuteness and absolutely priceless. I actually teared up a little reading this.

  • Marie

    You tell your precious son first of all if I ever get a chance to meet him he’s definitely getting Freezie Pops or better yet a trip to the local Puppy Palace for a real ice cream treat and second I would do the exact same thing he did if I ever get a chance to meet Ree in person.
    Love ya both!!!

  • Toni Tarracino

    How cool is all this? I found your site from PW. Don’t forget to let me know if you make it down this way!! I’m sure I can top those flavor ices! Do ya’ll like Key Lime Pie?

  • Jamie

    Too awesome. Those pictures do really tell a story. Nothing like being star-struck.

  • Jenny from Mommin' It Up

    Your kid is so awesome! Ree is one lucky woman 😉

  • Millicent

    LOVE him! LOVE Ree, too! Please tell me that you’ve made the sleepin’ in omelet?

  • tracy


  • AlisonH

    I love it!

  • Marianne

    Such sweet pics of your boy and Ree. Do you really know her? She seems so down to earth. Your son will remember that day for a long time! I love reading about your family. God bless,

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