My Favorite Things – Spring Edition

posted by Momo Fali on March 13, 2012

The sky is blue, birds are chirping, and that can only mean one thing…it’s time to shop!

Because I believe in full disclosure, I will tell you that none of the following were provided by companies or sponsors and I am not being paid for my opinions on these items. I should also be clear and state that I am not above being paid for said items. Just sayin’.

Without further ado, here is my list of favorite things for spring!

1. Corona Light

Okay, I like this all year through, but on a sunny day when the mercury hits 72 degrees, this beer starts yelling for me to come get it out of the refrigerator. It’s true. It screams, even.

2. Softball

My daughter’s favorite sport and my favorite to watch, maybe because we sometimes take a cooler (see #1). The only other sport she plays now is golf, which is also fun as long as I have a cart (see #1 again).

3. Flip-Flops

I have more flip-flops than you can imagine. I have flip-flop issues. Also, handbags. And, Corona Light.

New Balance Flip Flops from Famous Footwear

4. Flameless Candles

I love sitting outside amidst candlelight, but the wind doesn’t always cooperate. These look just like the real thing, but they run on batteries. Ha ha! Take that, wind!

Gerson Company Candles from

5. Portable Fire Pit

We have two of these and they both came with removable bowls that can be used for ice, so you can either use it as a firepit (s’mores!) or as a place to ice down your drinks (see #1).

Odesa Firepit from Target

6. The Dhara Dress from Athleta

Wear it with aforementioned flip-flops, flats or Chuck Taylors, a cardigan or a jean jacket. This dress is soft, comfy, flattering and versatile. Need I say more? No, I need not.

7. Schick Quattro for Men Razor

First of all, yes, it’s for men. Men’s razors work better than women’s and when both sexes want to accomplish the same thing, I don’t understand why they see fit to market them differently. Bygones. I use this razor every single day and never get a nick. If you’re going to wear shorts or capris, you’re going to have to shave, and please…if you’re going to wear flip-flops, don’t forget the toe hair. There, I said it.

8. Blue, sparkly nails

I’m on a blue kick and a sparkly kick so this is the best of both worlds. With a blue base coat and this Revlon polish on top, my nails look like the color of the sky and they shine like the sun. Also, who likes clichés? *raises hand*

9. The ChickCAN Rack

Have you ever had beer-can chicken? It melts in your mouth and it’s as easy as drinking half of a beer (What? You have to!), sticking what’s left of it in this rack, then sitting a whole chicken on top. Rub in some seasonings, put it on your grill and you have a main dish that’s delicious. Plus, whole chickens are more inexpensive than buying breasts alone and you get more meat. Bonus!

Barbour ChickCAN Rack.

10. Cadbury Creme Eggs

If it weren’t for my doctor, I would eat my weight in these every spring. *shakes fist at milk chocolate*

Cadbury Creme Egg from

Thanks a lot, high cholesterol. Thanks a lot.


  • Julie

    Shopping — me,too!! Bought 2 new skirts today that are pleated and pretty and perfect to twirl in. I plan on twirling. Alot.

  • Heather

    Okay, you have been holding out on me! I would have NEVER GUESSED that you would wear blue nail polish! I have a TON of blue shades 😉 I have been meaning to try that Revlon so I think I will this weekend 🙂

    Also? Thank you for rubbing it in that I cannot have beer. *sad face*

  • AmazingGreis

    Cadbury Creme Eggs are definitely the BEST part of Spring!!!

  • Jessica

    You should check out Okabashi flip flops – they are made from recycled materials, and can be recycled by sending them back to the company for a coupon for next purchase; and they are the BEST, most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever had. By far.

  • Laura in Little Rock

    I have the EXACT same firepit AND I haven’t come up with near so many uses. It will be inaugurated as a ice-pit this summer. Thank you. I’m also going to look up that cute dress. Thank you again. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and am still mourning your vacation that wasn’t. I am sorry. Especially since I’ve learned graduate school is going to eat up my ENTIRE summer vacation. Always next year. I don’t think my children will feel quite that way, but we’ll just have to cross that bridge.

  • MommyTime

    Not a fan of the Corona Light (sorry; I like a good, strong IPA), but the dress?! Fantastic!! Happy spring.
    …mmmm…Cadbury Creme eggs….

  • Sleeping Mom

    We just crashed a middle school baseball game this past weekend! I love spring, too.

  • meleah rebeccah

    Hooray for Spring!!!

    But, for real… do you actually wear sparkly blue nail polish?

  • Lynne

    I too am not a fan of Corona, but will join Mommytime in hoisting a nice fine IPA to the advent of spring. Or maybe a Fat Tire.

    Thanks for the idea of the flameless candles outside! I think my summer evenings spent out on the 2nd floor balcony will benefit greatly from this information.

  • Rachel Blaufeld

    I am with you on the corona, the flip flops, anything from athleta and the cream eggs…..AND this morning, I had to grab a blade from dear hubby — WOW, I got a good shave!

    Happy Spring – the only thing better is summer!

  • Honoree Corder

    LOVE your post! Thanks for the twitter follow. Hope to connect with you more in the future.


  • JamieBMusings

    I love that fire pit and don’t even get me started on the cadbury eggs! In fact, I may have to go out and get some asap after seeing that pic so… kinda don’t like you now! lol 🙂

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