The B-Word

posted by Momo Fali on March 6, 2012

My son was doing his homework yesterday afternoon when, as usual, his mind drifted and he started goofing off. Focus is not his strong suit.

I looked up from my work and said, “If you want to be on time to your Cub Scout meeting, you had better concentrate and get your work done.”

He stared at me, then said, “Mom, why are you the B-word?”

Even for my kid, this was shocking. “The B-word? Why don’t you tell me what that B stands for?”

And, without hesitation he said, “You know…bossy.”





  • Canadian Dad

    LOL, my 3 year old has recently learned the F word (Fat) and he has been using it as much as he possibly can.

    Kids = Priceless

    Thanks for the laugh! Chris

  • Amie

    If we were on Facebook right now, I’d be hitting the “Like” button repeatedly.

  • Tara R.


  • Anna Hettick

    ROFL!!! That is hilarious!!

  • molly

    Oh my God. I love it! Ha!

  • meleah rebeccah

    Bossy. HA!!

  • Paige from Ohio

    Ha Ha Ha Ha ……….that is too funny!!!

  • JamieBMusings

    Too adorable! Kids are really something sometimes.

  • The Laundress

    You’re lucky.

    My daughter would just say I’m a B*t*h.

  • Zak


    I am also a total B.

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