The In-Laws

posted by Momo Fali on March 19, 2012

Tomorrow morning, my mother-in-law is having breast cancer surgery. This is one of those times when I ask people to storm heaven with prayers. Thank you in advance.

I know that in-laws are often the butt of jokes, but not mine. They have never treated me with anything but kindness and love. It’s probably because I put up with their son, but that’s another blog post. *hi, honey* *blows kisses*

Unfortunately my in-laws live a couple of hours away which means that we don’t see them as often as we would like. Though, that hasn’t stopped my father-in-law from helping us build a swingset (then rebuilding the swingset after Hurricane Ike tore it down), helping us put up a shed, changing light fixtures so that I wouldn’t shock myself, repairing plumbing, and assisting with the development of a simple machine (kindergarten homework is, like, HARD).

My mother-in-law has made deviled eggs for my parties more times than I can count, shown incredible patience when teaching my daughter card games, kindly let my son run his hands all over her arms, and shown me that it’s possible to spend your life with a stubborn man. *waves* *puts husband’s favorite dinner in crock pot*

And, they both taught us how to make homemade wine. That’s what you call an in-law WIN!

Their living so far away makes it extra special when they visit. But, eventually you have to watch them pull out of the driveway.

And, the boy in that picture really hates that part.


  • Vicki

    Nothing but good thoughts your way. Hugs to you and your hubby during this time Diane.

  • lceel

    My prayers – for whatever they’re worth. And HUGS.

  • Tara R.

    Sending my prayers to your MIL and whole family.

  • Stephanie

    Will do.

  • ascapecodturns

    Prayers for you MIL. Hope she will be visiting you soon 🙂

  • Redneck Mommy

    Sending thoughts and prayers and good healthy mojo to you and your MIL tomorrow. I’ll even ask my Bug to watch over him. Having an angel in your corner never hurts. xo

  • Jenny

    Sending you all love.

  • Melisa

    I’ll be thinking about her and your family tomorrow. xoxo

  • Michelle

    So sorry to hear you MIL has to have breast cancer surgery. My Papaw is dealing with bone cancer and it is scary. Sending prayers your way ASAP!

  • Michelle Longo

    Sending many good thoughts your way!

  • Liz

    Ditto! Prayers, good thoughts, lots of positive karma and many, many more big-armed virtual hugs coming your way in 4…3…2…{{{hugs}}}

  • alaina

    It is hard living so far from the ones you love. Sending good vibes to your mother-in-law.

  • Bea_OT

    My mom had surgery for breast cancer too. She is now cancer free. May that be the case with your sweet mother in law!

  • Always Home and Uncool

    Will be thinking of you and your family. Promise.

  • Amy

    A loving prayer blowing to you and your family right now.

  • JamieBMusings

    Sending prayers out for her quick recovery!

  • Ally

    I’m reading this after the fact, but sending prayers for a positive outcome and a speedy recovery.

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