Pop Quiz III

posted by Momo Fali on April 13, 2012

One of my son’s many quirks is that he takes everything literally. Literally.

To him, “The rain is falling in sheets” means exactly that; water-filled bedsheets, falling from the sky. Butterflies in stomachs, bulls in china shops, and saying that someone is in the same boat, have all lead to lengthy discussions about figurative speech.

So, does anyone want to guess what happened when he was reading “Socks” by Beverly Cleary and I told him to put his socks down the laundry chute?


  • meleah rebeccah


  • Melisa

    You are so screwed.

  • Canadian Dad

    Hahaha! And this just inspired me to get “Momo In My Mailbox” 🙂

  • tracey

    Oh. No. Not a real cat, though?

  • AlisonH

    Did he stuff them in a supersoaker?

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