In Ohio, We Call This Landscaping

posted by Momo Fali on May 21, 2012

I spent a little bit of time tidying up our yard this weekend. This mostly involved spending money that we don’t have on a new patio umbrella and hanging baskets to dot the flowerbeds.

In my defense, when we purchased our last umbrella I think we were drunk, because it’s mesh. Mesh. You may not know this, but mesh doesn’t do a good job of blocking out the sun. Now you know. You’re welcome.

My husband also spent some time putting up his new golf net. Though we live in the city and don’t have a huge yard, our former neighbor had a simple, pop-up, golf net that he was able to use in the small spot of grass behind his house. This is what I was expecting.

Instead, I looked out the window to see my husband and the kids with poles and banners and realized this wasn’t anything simple.

Or, little.

At least it partially hides the unpainted fence.


  • Caroline

    That is awesome. Completely awesome.

  • FireMom

    Hahaha. so true.

    Not showing this to my husband. *clears cache*

  • ascapecodturns

    You better have Melisa come over with her new found gardening skills and spruce up around the “tent” 🙂

  • Vicki

    This is hysterical!

  • muffintopmommy

    OMG, I can’t believe my hubs hasn’t tried to pull that one on me!

    (Runs and shuts screen down!)

  • meleah rebeccah

    Holy crap! That’s awesome! I want one!

  • pam davis

    No wonder you aren’t having a 4th of July party this year, no room in the yard for tables & chairs or people looks like the Golf Net takes priority!

  • AlisonH

    It looks like the ghost of an Angry Bird.

  • kristen from motherload

    Hilarious! Must not let my husband see that.

  • Canadian Dad

    I don’t see the problem here. Clearly your husband is a genius and has figured out the the net can also be used for many other things. Such as a children’s fort, a theater/opera background and even for a cool new age seating area.

    Good for him!

  • Leslie Garbanati

    YOU ROCK! I found your blog for the first time today via the Pioneer Woman’s website and I seriously want to hug my computer screen. I love you, your honestly and your CHILDREN. I have a preemie…he is four and kind of a goof. He has glasses, one glass eye (he is blind in one eye and needs the fake shell to hold his facial features in place), refuses to eat anything but cereal, bananas, and mac and cheese. He reads at a second grade level, writes like a first grader and thinks he knows Spanish (he knows five words in Spanish and makes the rest up). (Maybe I should start a blog…) Then there is my daughter…14 and diva-licious! She is diabetic and comes with a poker, a pump and about three feet of tubing between the pump and her body. We are a circus…thanks for sharing your story, your humor and your grace…I am a loyal follower now!

  • Dee Dee

    That’s awesome!

  • Liz

    Hey, in our house, that could be a whole other room and doesn’t even matter that it’s mesh. With 3 teenagers (and 1 tween) we are ALL used to…you know…very little to no privacy, anyways.

  • Missy

    That thing is massive! It’s like a giant mesh food cover-er thingy.

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