Can someone please tell me how this happened?

Team USA To Be Decked Out in Uniforms Made in China

I read that headline on the ABC News website and wondered if Friday the 13th had suddenly become April 1st. If I were the boss of the USOC, someone’s head would roll. Like a ball. Probably made in China.

AP Photo

And, really, Ralph Lauren? What’s with the jaunty beret? Don’t you know what everyone thinks of when they see a beret? Hint: It’s not the United States. Pourquoi, Ralph? Pourquoi?

America is not about a double-breasted jacket either unless, of course, it’s 1985. America is rugged, scrappy and enterprising. We do not need to borrow style from the French, nor should we have our manufacturing for a quintessentially patriotic event shipped to another country.

We haven’t even seen the opening ceremony and Team USA has already lost the first round of competition. This does not bode well for our gold medal count.


  • PJ Mullen

    And what’s up with the enormous Polo horse? Like these didn’t scream Ralph Lauren enough that he needed to make the flipping horse bigger than the stars and stripes? Ugh.

    • Momo Fali

      Next time, I think they’re just going to go ahead and ride the ponies into the opening ceremony.

  • Rachael

    WTF? There is no way if I saw that without any reference I’d think “USA”.

  • Canadian Dad

    I’m not sure if I’m allowed to comment on this or not but I find it sad also. Go Canada!!! 😀

  • Melisa

    The female looks very flight attendant-y.

  • Liz

    At least a baseball hat, holding a slice of apple pie, or something.

  • mare ball

    Yep, disappointing. The China thing, the hoity-toity look. The American athletes should be in jeans and a t-shirt. China will own America soon, if it doesn’t already.

  • ascapecodturns

    Total bad move. Also, don’t forget the poodle skirt, because American woman have been sporting them daily since 1950.

  • Missy

    We look like a French Military Polo playing hybrid up there. Sigh…. I’m so curious about the thinking behind the final “okay” on this.

  • Junk Drawer Kathy

    It’s like something a contestant on Project Runway would have thought up. I’m glad they backpedaled on where they’re making them. Still, they’re butt ugly!

  • Tia

    Airline attendants or Hitler Youth? You decide.

  • AliciaC

    I really agree with ya on this one. I couldn’t believe when I saw a photo of these. 🙁

  • erin margolin

    This was appalling to me…I’m still in shock.

  • Alexia // Haute Americana

    Couldn’t agree with your post more Momo! Today I actually addressed this issue on my site and included American-made alternatives currently produced in the U.S. that the Olympians could have worn for less cost! Note that I left out the berets and the double breasted jackets….

  • BusyDad

    It would be way more badass if the team uniform were a white T and Levi’s.

  • Shelley A

    Thanks for the ramble I agree 100%

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