Back to School Shopping? Don’t Forget Tech Tools!

posted by Momo Fali on August 13, 2012

Yesterday’s mail brought the first of, what will be many, back-to-school catalogs. It is jam-packed with deals on everything from pencils to gym shorts to flash-drives to three-ring-binders.

I think I heard my wallet scream.

Because back-to-school shopping can be pricey, I do my best to put my coupon-cutting, savvy-shopping skills to work. The catalog I received yesterday will be perused and used to compare against the next one. I am always looking for the best deal. I have even been known to stockpile.

You’re selling a bag of #2 pencils for $.49? I’ll take fifteen. Composition books for $1.00? Give me the whole lot. I don’t care what color they are, what company manufactured them or the store from whence they came.

And, the dictionary that I just had to use to look up “whence” wasn’t anything fancy either.

Of course, there are some products that I just won’t skimp on. I buy a certain brand of school socks, I never buy cheap pens, and when it came to the tools my kids would need for papers and projects, the only choice was Microsoft Office.

Not only do I use Word and Excel every day in my own work, but my daughter has become a PowerPoint pro! Her middle school presentations look like a professional made them, and from what she tells me, they’re a breeze to put together (I wouldn’t know).

And, when she found out that she could automatically create a bibliography from in-paper citations, you would have thought that I had given her the moon. I was happy to make that easier for her, because dealing with a 13 year-old is tough enough, but throw in a bibliography and they’re downright grouchy.

Trust me, Microsoft Office 2010 should be on every parent’s back-to-school list!

Because I love a good deal and I want to share some savvy shopping with all of you, I’m sharing this offer with you. Buy Microsoft Office today and save 15%. This promotion ends on 9/14.

Be sure to visit Microsoft Office’s brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts on back-to-school shopping.


  • pamela davis

    Just wait until u see the school supply list for Freshman Year (Catholic Schools) The calculator can only be purchased @ office supply Store, cost is approx $190.00 and they should be able to use all 4 years of High school: however Andy has to have anothert one this year & it costs approx $85.00 probably Junior year only. There is no such thing as school supply list each teacher has there own demands the first day of school (they must have all the suppliers to include $85.00 calculator the 2nd day of school! Thats on top of the following expenses:
    Uniform Boys pants $38.00 per pair, shirts $22.00 ea, (MUST HAVE 4 boys) Nike leather golf belts $40.00 ea Andy has Red, Green, Royal Blue, White & Yellow: Let us not forget the shoes $130.00 – 180.00: His parents have already spent approx $300
    on football expenses: But when you are Junior Class President “I guess it goes with the territory!

    • Momo Fali

      I can assure you, my kids will never be wearing $130 shoes! They’ll have to go barefoot!

  • Rita Arens

    The only $130 pair of shoes I’ve ever owned I received for free. (Which as you know, is the best way to receive anything.)

    I didn’t realize how much Word was truly like a dishwasher in the time it could save you until I did a technical writing gig and actually learned how to put together a formal paper in Word. I will NEVER manually create any bibliography again!

  • BEAN

    What an awesome deal; thanks!
    And yeah, I’d be hard-pressed to spend that much on shoes, even if I was blowing my nose with money. 🙂

    I read the word and wondered immediately, “surely she had to look that up … didn’t she?–I would have!”

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