Looking for a Rip Off

posted by Momo Fali on August 28, 2012

Since my son was a baby, someone from the county has come out to work with us on his needs. As an infant, he got in-home occupational and physical therapy. When he got a little older, he attended a preschool for special needs children and when he neared school-age, we got OT and behavioral therapy ala carte while the county paid the bills.

Now that my boy attends a typical school and is functioning with mild delays, we don’t use the county funding much, but once a year his case manager still has to make an appearance at our house to go over his status. She visited us last week.

For the first 30 minutes she asked me questions about my son’s health and hospitalizations. Then she started asking him the questions.

She inquired about his age, what chores he does around the house and the extra-curricular activities in which he’s involved. She asked him if he can still dress himself, if he has a problem turning on the water when he showers and then…she asked him if he’s shaving yet.

This is a valid question.

Despite being 10 years old and only 48 pounds, my son is kind of hairy. You can see the faintest hint of a mustache above his upper lip and I admit to taming his unibrow. I blame our Lebanese genes.

Still,  I think his case manager was taken off-guard when he replied, “No, I don’t shave yet. But, do you want to see my hairy back?”

Unfortunately for us, the county draws the line at paying for wax jobs.


  • Amie

    Not cool, county government. As a tax-paying citizen, I feel it is my civic duty to relieve the burden of the disproportionately hirsute.

  • Christina

    Ha! Our county case worker hasn’t asked those questions yet, thank goodness. Although now I’m starting to have a panic attack thinking about my kids shaving in a few years. Eeeep.

    For a seven year old, Cordy is a hairy kid, too. I’m just thankful Cordy’s hair is so blonde or people might see her legs and think she’s the missing link. (It’s her dad’s fault – he’s the hairy one.)

  • Patty

    Hey she asked so he had to bring it up. Your boy makes me smile 🙂

  • Tara R.

    No man-scaping? Hardly seems fair. And, she did ask…

  • Arnebya

    His question was also a valid question.

  • Colleen

    Oh Lord that’s funny. My older son is also quite hairy for 7 and likes to make it a point to let others know!

  • Mama Meerkat

    That is the best response.

    My daughter never liked when the EI folks came over and asked her questions. Now that we do things through school we thankfully do not have to deal with people visiting. Now she just ignores everyone’s questions at school instead.

  • Mom Off Meth

    I love how he’s game to show the mane.

    Sorry, I had to.

  • Sharon Graham

    Hilarious!! They may not pay for waxing but the least she could have done was looked at his hairy back!!

  • Chris/Canadian Dad

    I hate to burst your American bubble but I’m pretty sure that’s covered here in Canada. I’m not a hairy man so I’ve never been able to utilize this perk but I’ve been drinking a lot more straight whiskey because my Dad told me it would help grow hair on my chest. Here’s Hopin’!

    PS – Cute Story!

  • Laura in Little Rock

    Oh dear. My 8yo is fuzzy, but lucky him, he’s a strawberry blond so the body hair is practically clear it is so pale a gold. I had to introduce deodorant this past year, I’m certainly not ready for my furry boy to shave. Your stories always make me laugh…

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